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CN Photos Module

Module for displaying images

- Full list of animations
- Options for the 'shuffle' animation

Module pulls images from the folder you designate and you set a couple params and you are done!

-- Release History --

Version 2.1.1 for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0!
- Fixed the sort (alpha-numeric)

Version 2.1 for All Versions!
- Fixed the offset error occurring on rotate.

Version 2.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 now available!

Version 2.0 Updates
- Option to add ALT tags to the images in the slideshow
- Better way of calling the javascript libraries that won't break with other libraries (modules or templates) called on the site.
- Background color added
- Display issues have been fixed. (when using certain effects)

Version 1.9 Updates
- Fixed the "skipping" the first slide issue
- It now sorts the images in the folder by name first!
- Transitions into the first slide on page load with transition that is selected, not just fade now.
- Added the suffix module class.

Version 1.8 Updates
- Added the ability to add a border color if you have the border set to show.
- Fixed the fade in effect on page load
- Fixed the randomize function to display on the page better
- Added to the Effect list "No Effect" - strictly rotates to the next image, with no effect implemented.
- Added this version for All Joomla Sites (1.5, 1.6, 1.7)

Version 1.7 Updates
- Added the ability to make the images show randomly, every new page load.

Version 1.6 Updates:
- Added the option to add a border around the images, rounded borders in FF and Chrome.

Version 1.5 Updates
- Added a module id, so that you can set a different id for each module, so that you can have more than one module on the same page, and have different animations for each!

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Reviews: 4
I have been looking for ages for a simple but complete image rotator but without all the fluff. This module does everything I need and does it well.
Reviews: 2
Unfortunately, the only downloadable version is v2.1, which has problems in terms of displaying images in the correct sorting order, and not displaying the first image. Apparently, these issues were resolved in version 2.11 - but this is not available to download. I tried contacting the author for support, but got no reply.
Owner's reply

Evidently you didn't check your e-mail before submitting this. Thanks so much for your reflective review.

Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot for develop useful extensions like this. It's flexible and has a lot of applications. I recommend it.
Reviews: 13
Just what I've been looking for! I love the options for the image rotation. It's easy to install and configure. Comes packed with the versions for 1.5-2.5. Made my job quick & easy.

Thanks so much for a well thought out extension!!
Reviews: 31
i have to admit,,i did tried a lot of slideshow,images gallery but this one is really nice,,,thanks a lot for this wonderful product,,i wish you more success n more great products ,,much luv & respect
Reviews: 1
Easy to use. Comes with a video tutorial too. Produces exactly the expected result. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Reviews: 7
Easy To Use, easy to configure, work brilliantly...
Good Module but still need more parameters for customizations.
Good Work !!
Reviews: 2
Simple and efficient module. Easy to configure in a few minutes.
Good job !
Reviews: 1
I went through several other plugins that claimed to be 2.5 compatible and easy to use. NONE of the others worked out of the box. This one did though, and brought my vision to life. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I am so impressed with this extension and the service that Caleb provides. Had a problem displaying the extension and Caleb assisted and located the problem quickly. The extension just does what I want and is easy to set-up too. Can't rate this one more highly.
Reviews: 1
Great module! Even a notive like myself was able to install and have loaded on my site within 15mins!

Great work - thanks heaps :)
Reviews: 2
This is a good extension with fairly basic function, pretty much did most of what I wanted. I initially had a couple of problems with it but I have to say in particular, Caleb's excellent support really impressed me. He went the extra mile to try to have it working smoothly and I really do commend him for that. Customer service goes a long way.
Reviews: 5
This is an excellent extension and works exactly as described. Support is quick and thorough. VERY easy to use, love it! Thank you Caleb!
Reviews: 18
Works exactly as described. Easy to use. Only upgrade request would be a function to point/click to add photo's vs having to know image path. Most clients can't handle that. Otherwise, great!
Reviews: 1
I am a Joomla novice, but tech saavy. Very easy module to use. Exactly what I was looking for. How can something so good be free? One improvement would be to make the images hyperlink-able. Maybe that's in the pro version. It's so easy to set up what images are used-- just point to the directory. You can make it any size you want to fit your layout where and how you want it.
Many kind regards, and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
I just started using Joomla last week and was able to get this module installed and working to perfection within 30 minutes or so. I had some mugshots in my media directory I wanted to use but, setting CN Photo to look at that directory was unsuccessful. So, I looked at where the software was installed and discovered the "gallery" sub-directory. Once I pointed the app at that directory and dropped in some JPEGs I was off and running. Pretty cool as far as I am concerned. I would have given it an Excellent rating had I been able to get it to see my existing directory of photos. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
This module works perfect as described, plus Sr. Caleb answered very fast my question. Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
easy to use! not much more to say. try it and be happy with it!
Reviews: 7
Simple, concise and not bloated with useless fluff features. Very professional job. I love that it's free and it has an option to donate.
Reviews: 3
I started using the free version of this module to get rid of an ImageShow extension that was showing images through Flash. This is perfect to get the best of my images for SEO. I got this working in no time.

I contacted the author about an extra functionality and he answered in less than a minute, I was so impressed by its reactivity.

Thanks you for that great extension!
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