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June Space Gallery Module

June Space Gallery is a jQuery based picture gallery. By click on the image it will fade away and the next image will move forward. Once it reaches the last image, it will go back and start from the first image again.

* Smooth picture fade effect
* Style settings (Image directory, width, height)
* Set order (Name/Date/Random, Ascending/Descending)
* Uses jQuery

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Reviews: 1
I love this Space Gallery extension which is easy to configure, looks fantastic and is FREE!

Unfortunately however, it seems to be very temperamental in IE8 & IE9 - even in IE7 compatibility mode, as on most (but not all) occasions when I click onto a page where this module is placed, it either doesn't load the module or it automatically sends the web page behind other open pages or programs. This also appears to happen on their demo page. It appears to be fine in Firefox, but haven't had the chance to test in other browsers yet.

I've sent several emails to them over the last month about this problem. Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon. If it wasn't for the IE issue I'd give this module top marks!