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Very Simple Image Rotator Module

This is a very simple image rotator from a specified folder with a fading transition.

It doesn't feature:
- Images pagination or navigation.
- Images captions.
- Images thumbs.

It only features:
- Adding links to the images.
- Including subfolders.
- Randomizing the images.

Version updates:
• 1.1.2: Mootools no longer required. Image's sizes respected.
• 1.1.1: Responsive.
• 1.0.1: Corrected link functionality bug.

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Reviews: 4
This turned out to be a very Simple to install and use module! Within 2 minutes I had it up and running, GREAT work!
Reviews: 13
it works like what it does.
the missing simple feature is to allow disabling of
Transition / Auto Play of images.
Reviews: 1
After looking at a half dozen rotators, I landed on this lightweight module.

I did make one slight code modification to center the rotator inside the block, as my page is wider than the images I display. The default has the images left-justified in the block.

In "helper.php" after the line:
. "max-width:100%;"

I added:
. "margin-left:auto;"
. "margin-right:auto;"

Very nice! Thanks!
Reviews: 6
it does what you said, the simplisity is its strenght. links work great, also in random mode.
thanks for this simpel great extention
Reviews: 12
This is an extension coming with the minimal requirement ... Very clean, elegant code, using the core MooTools so wont load other libraries like jQuery ... Kudos for simplicity!
Reviews: 3
Easy to install and use, I also give thanks that is specified what doesn't do.
Reviews: 2
This is a good rotator, it is easy to install and with a few tweaks to the timing it works like a charm. I applaud Jesus for sharing his work.
Reviews: 29
I wanted a no-fuss rotator to do just that - rotate images. This is perfect.

No it's not a super powerful, whizz-bang extension, but it is EXACTLY what the author claims - a very simple image rotator.

A pity that other reviewers didn't read the preamble that said it works only with same sized images and then gave it 1 star because it didn't do resizing or keep ratios the same...

Well done Jesus! Great lightweight entrant!
Reviews: 21
No fancy gimmickery, just install and works wonderfully. I've been looking for a good image rotator and this did the job perfectly. Just resize all your images to the same size and have a nice image rotator in any module position you like.

Thanks to the developer for doing this.
Reviews: 11
I will not recommend this extension because it does not have 'Keep Aspect Ratio' option. You can't expect all images in a directory comes in same size.. Some smaller images will be displayed in a odd manner. Especially when using to display logos.

Consider that for next version.
Reviews: 2
Just what I've been looking for and it did "what it said on the tin". Installed on my local test site and live site perfectly. Has all the options I need - size options and time between images

Thanks for a great little module.
Reviews: 9
I really like this rotator. I think it would be greatly enhanced by using navigation buttons.
Reviews: 14
Installed it in a joomla 2.5 site, works just fine. Very good for easy image rotation solutions
Reviews: 7
Easy to use, however, the links do not work. So far, only if you allow links to "Repeat" will this function work AND only with the second link you input not the first one. So while the images load and rotate rather nicely, the real functionality that I needed (links to images) does not work. Cannot rate this very high unless issue is resolved.
Owner's reply

we have fixed the problem with the links. Please try the updated package.
Thank you!

Reviews: 1
Seems so simple - and just what I need. Have set it up exactly as per demo site - but no joy. Am using 1.7.
Reviews: 1
I rate it as Excellent.
All 5 Stars for the module.
It works like a charm on my site.
Reviews: 1
I would have gladly rated it "excellent", but for the fact that the module vsir does not work on a live site. I am using Joomla 1.7. While the module works like a charm on localhost, it merely shows "No images" on the live site. I have ensured that the images path is correct (it is the same as on localhost); and "caching" is set to "no" on both localhost as well as live site. Further, the "cache time" is set to 100 in both the places. Since the module works so well on localhost, I would love to see it working on the live site too. Unfortunately, I did not see any 'Contact developer' link on their site in order to communicate this feedback to them.
Owner's reply

This issue should be solved in the current package where we make sure the required mootools files are loaded.
Thank you!

Reviews: 5
Work nice with no conflict, exactly what I need. Simple and clever.
Reviews: 7
Setup in seconds, simple and lightweight module...
Nice work m8.
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says. Nice and simple. You will need to load MooTools More to get the transitions to work, which is probably the issue that the previous reviewer found.
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