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Very Simple Image Rotator Module

This is a very simple image rotator from a specified folder with a fading transition.

It doesn't feature:
- Images pagination or navigation.
- Images captions.
- Images thumbs.

It only features:
- Adding links to the images.
- Including subfolders.
- Randomizing the images.

Version updates:
• 1.1.2: Mootools no longer required. Image's sizes respected.
• 1.1.1: Responsive.
• 1.0.1: Corrected link functionality bug.

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Reviews: 2
I have managed to configure the module and it is displaying only one image of the 3 that it could display.

I like that the module is simple and straight forward, just wish I knew what to do to make it work
Reviews: 1
Good image rotator, really simple to setup and use... Works perfectly as stated in Firefox and Chrome, but had a small blue frame in IE8.
Reviews: 4
Thank you! It seems every image rotator that works with 1.6+ has all the bells and whistles and ignores the basics, like a simple random, fading image rotator.
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