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Advanced Banner Rotator Module

A wonderful flash based Joomla!® banner rotator with more than 60 settings to help you display in a perfect way your main products,pictures,news etc. in order to improve the image of your website.

*Supports images: JPG , PNG , GIF etc.
*Global Width and Height.
*Banner -Width and Height , Autostart option, Stop or not after the last slide displays.

*Thumbnails settings:
- width and height;
- you can set the space between them;
- the numner of thumbs to display;
- places to display : top(inside the banner) , down (inside the banner), down outside the banner,all this positions have also an horizontal alignment:center,left,right;
- show/hide option;
- autohide on mouse out option;
- border,border color, thickness, border color on roll over;
*Buttons settings: alignment(center,left,right) , show/hide option, space , margin from the bottom of the banner. Next/Previous and Play/Pause buttons show/hide option.

*Slide/Images settings:
- Show/Hide option;
- Brightness Intensity;
- External Url(enable/disable) and target ;
- Title and description (enable/disable);
- You can set the time for the image to be displayed;
- Title and description positions after X and Y , font color and size;
- Set the effect for every image.

*There are 20 different ways to set up your effects.
All the transitions are cube, horizontal and vertical based effects. By setting up a number from 1 to 20 you will discover 20 different effects.You can also set from how many slices should every effect be formed and the time for the effect to take place.
Extremely easy to use and customize in any size and any position of your website.

Version 3.1 Updates:
1.Added suport for one front image for every slide .The front images options:

a) General Settings:
- Show/Hide the front images.
- You can set a border for the front images and set the thickness and color for it.
- The delay time - time until the front images will appear on the banner.
- Tooltip Text for every front image.
- Shadow for the front images with the options to block it.
- Option to add/block external url for the front images .

b) Slide by slide Settings:
- Individual External url for the front images and the target for it ( _blank ; _self) .
- The X and Y positions of the front images on the banner.
- You can also Hide the front image border on a slide by slide basis.
- You can choose the time for the front image to be displayed.
- Choose from 4 appearance effects for the front images.
- Also you can choose a Tooltip Text for each front image.

2. Added music (mp3) support for the banner. The options for it are:

- Music path.
- Show/Hide the music button.
- Play/Block the music file.
- Repeat or not the music file at the end of the song.

3.Youtube video support for every slide so you can use the banner like an youtube video player. The settings for each video slide are the following :
- Youtube video ID,Width and Height of the videos on a

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