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Images Crawler Module

A continuous horizontal scroller of one or more images from a specified folder with an optional redirection link. See more options on our demo page!

Version updates:
• 2.1.0: Optional limit for the images, thanks to Lumis!
• 1.3.2: Possibility to force images to a certain width & height, as suggested by artbit... thank you!
• 1.3.1: Possibility to randomize images order.
• 1.3.0: Possibility to include subfoldes as requested by tithij, thank you!
• 1.2.2: New parameter to control the space between the image.
• 1.2.1: Supporting uppercased file extensions (e.g. image.JPG).
• 1.1.0: Unlimited links field as suggested by oudeng, thanks!

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Reviews: 71
I needed an image scroller on a new site and, after testing quite a few, settled on Images Crawler. It runs very smoothly and only takes a few minutes to set up. Out of all the scrollers I tried, it was by far the easiest to set up.
Reviews: 8
It is ideal for so many websites. It runs smoothly and looks great. Thank you so much for a real WOW extension
Reviews: 2
There are not many Joomla extensions that run smoothly straight "Out of the Box", Images Crawler is absolutely the exception to this rule. It literally took more time uploading the images I wanted to use with the module than any aspects of configuration. An all around great module that is easy to configure, understand, and use.
Reviews: 2
Great mod, thanks.
I use it now to scroll the sponsors but would like a second one to scroll thumbnail.
Reviews: 4
This is a great module and fulfils a requirement where many others do not. Only disappointment was that I experienced a clash with this when running the popular Glossary component, i.e. the module fails to load if Glossary is published, yet sadly there is no support forum thread/heading for the Images Crawler extension on the developers website, so I was unable to raise this issue.

Apart from that, great work!
Reviews: 3
Hi, after searching for hours and trying at least 5 other extensions, this one finally seems to be doing the job. The only drawback is the inability to add a title and description to the images. I would strongly suggest this as a major improvement to an already fantastic module. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 23
Vargas are very dedicated to making very simple and very usefull coms and mods for joomla, much like the super duper excellent "filtered news", "images crawler" delivers exactly what it promises to do - in a very simple to use module that does precisely what it says, it works like a charm... and takes barely no time to set up,

the only feature that is missing to make this perfect would be the ability to choose the image maximum display height, at the moment you need to format all the images to the desired height,
other than that it's brilliant...
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a simple horizontal image scroller but could not easily find one. I tried Expose's scroller, camp5, and they all worked poorly. I was about to give up until I stumbled on this module.
Reviews: 2
Simple no nonsense module. Does exactly what it needs to do!
Reviews: 4
EASY to install/configure. Works Great. Does what it says. It's free!!! Great JOB!!! love it!!!
Reviews: 1
You can use it out of the box, just select the image folder and it works. It does't resize images or at least i didn't find it but anything else is all right.
Reviews: 1
Great Module that does not interfer my template, only missing the ability to add a title to every image
Reviews: 4
Excellent, how can i do to assing a different link for every image?
Reviews: 1
An excellent extension! Spiff and snazzy, without looking junky or cluttered. It is extremely easy to use and looks fantastic. It is very flexible, as it has a wide range of options. I will definitely be using this one again!
Reviews: 4
Great module! Exactly what I needed!
Reviews: 1
Rally nice, well done.

I'd rally like my images to be in a random order - how about an option at some stage?
Reviews: 1
You are the best!
Reviews: 3
Hi, I'm kinda look around how to make my web site more alive. This is just what I need, Thanks !!

Just a suggestion though, it would be nice if we can control the speed to a slower speed, I feel it still too fast even with the lowest speed ;). Thanks Again !!
Reviews: 1
This extension was easy to implement and worked great the first time. Simple and easy to use.

If possible would like to have an option to start with a random image rather than the same one each time.
Reviews: 6
Thank you very much for this extensions, they have worked like a charm, easy to install and configure with loads of options. I would also highly recommend your other free extensions.
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