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Images Crawler Module

A continuous horizontal scroller of one or more images from a specified folder with an optional redirection link. See more options on our demo page!

Version updates:
• 2.1.0: Optional limit for the images, thanks to Lumis!
• 1.3.2: Possibility to force images to a certain width & height, as suggested by artbit... thank you!
• 1.3.1: Possibility to randomize images order.
• 1.3.0: Possibility to include subfoldes as requested by tithij, thank you!
• 1.2.2: New parameter to control the space between the image.
• 1.2.1: Supporting uppercased file extensions (e.g. image.JPG).
• 1.1.0: Unlimited links field as suggested by oudeng, thanks!

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Reviews: 1
very good module, thx alot

if(typeof ims[i].complete == 'boolean' && ims[i].complete && !window.opera)


if(typeof ims[i].complete == 'boolean' && ims[i].complete)

fixed the opera problem for me
Reviews: 2
Just perfect! The extension does exactly what it promises. For me, it worked in FF, Chrome, IE7 and IE8.
Well done, people!
Reviews: 9
I love this extension. It does just what I had hoped.

In developing my site, and the strange things I want it to do, I now need for images crawler to include the images in the subfolders as well!

I hope this will be possible one day.

Jim Bob
Reviews: 1
This is a very good extension, but from the 5 browsers I've tested it with, it only worked on 3.

It works on:
Google Chrome 4.0
Firefox 3.5
Safari 4

Does not work on:
Opera 10
Internet Explorer 8 (big problem, with huge market share...)
Reviews: 3
This was the second one I tried and it worked right off the bat! Fantastic application, or module I should say, works like a charm, does what you want it to!
Reviews: 1
bigg thanks,it is very easy to use
Reviews: 10
Simple to configure, bug free, looks great. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Simply an Awesome module, easy to implement + easy configs.

Reviews: 1
what I am looking for. Very good. However, suggestion for next version development: add function of URL link to each selected images. So, it is not only a siple scroller, but also for AD, shopping show, special items..... and this module will be the top-class one in Joomla community. Thanks.
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