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BonckoSlideShow Plugin

Add SlideShowPro gallery to you article or ligtbox just writing {bonckoslideshow}/foto/{/bonckoslideshow}.
Each subfolder becomes an album with its own soundtrack (if you like). But if ou prefers you can get photos from Picasa and Flick

I develop only the plugin ant that is free but you have to buy SlideShowPro to remove Green S
Video support will be avaiable asap

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Reviews: 1
Looks very professional and works great. Excellent customer service. My clients were very pleased with the look and functionality.
Reviews: 1
This is THE slideshow I wanted. It has all the useful features for my site. You can add as many slideshows as you want in less than a minute, open the photo you want to save .... The only thing to do is download the images in the directory you want and voila. In addition, the support given by Francesco is very effective. Thank you for the work and great support given
Reviews: 1
Bonckos's adaption for joomla of ssplr is fantastic. Its the only slideshow I found that can go fullscreen. I had some difficulties to get rid of the logo, but with Boncko's support by mail this was fixed within a day.
Reviews: 1
Thanks to the developers, the best on this site is not found.
Reviews: 2
Hello tested and finally installed Boncko SlideShow. Initially it did not work but the support from Francesco was outstanding. He fixed the problem and helped me to get it look like I need it. I am using it and wait for the next release to offer more good features.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent tool for displaying picasa galleries. It was a little adventurous getting it up and running, but I cannot speak more highly of their support. Great job!
Reviews: 1
great slideshow plugin!
i use it for joomla 1.5 without any problems. easy to install, many options and great support.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use plugin, great support, making the integration a breeze. Would be perfect if the documentation is more complete. Nice work!
Reviews: 3
needs bit of work if you want to customise your gallery but for the rest this is one great extension
Reviews: 3
A great plugin and a great support. Very easy but impressive.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use, simple... and excellent support and help from the author.
Reviews: 98
The author leave too many Italian language strings in the XML file and English language file, so it is very difficult to translate it.

I also want to translate those navigation strings, like "previous group" and "full screen", etc. Hope you will add those strings into the language file.

When testing it, at first I can't understand why there is a big Green S symbol in the center of the image, then I realized that it is like "copyright link" for free versions. Hope you can add some tooltip to that S symbol like "pay $5 to remove this".

Anyway, this is a good gallery plugin.
Owner's reply

Ok, i'll implemented ToolBar lables traslation in next version

Reviews: 1
Simple to install, simple to use and professional look! This is a fantastic plugin. Kudos to the developer!
Reviews: 1
I tried to find some galleries that have similar functionality to this one, but using Slideshow Pro in Flash for years, couldn't settle down with anything less then this.
I had some conflicts with my other installed plugins, but owner replied so fast and fixed it so fast - it was enough to just disable one parameter and it fixed everything, nothing major... I cannot express how happy I am , both with this plugin and the owner's service - especially because we are in two very different time zones, but he really came forward and helped me out so I didn't have to wait at all.
Thanks Boncko!
Reviews: 1
This is my first ever review and after all the things I've installed this is by far the best.

easy install,easy using with free, golden custom service (not feemember-_-),the owner is kindness and skilled,thx for all.
Reviews: 12
This module had a lot of promise as it's a really slick player..but

1. The developer has not returne3d (2) emails
2. The hack of SlideShowPro has several problems:
A. The multiple galleries do not work as it does not pick up & display new galleries/subdirectories.
B. There is no way to sort the order of galleries (I tried changing the subdirectory names to no avail).
C. This extension (hack) is very poorly written..on many levels.

Bottom line is I've wasted a week and the cost of SlideShowPro. Hopefully you won't!
Owner's reply

1. i never receive mail from u, write to
2.A no one tell me tha's problem & u can see the demo on my site
2.B you can sort images alphabet and inverse . there some unresolved prome with some character like /., , i m looking 4 a solution
3.C ?????????

Let me know

Reviews: 4
A superb Plugin!

Just wish there was configuration to remove folder names from displaying and also ability to resize and have multiple thumbnails on one row in the main gallery index mode. Hope this can be implemented for me im willing to pay!

Other than that superb!
Owner's reply

Write me 4 customization and if i can i ll do

Reviews: 19
An easy way to add Slideshowpro to your content items. There are some basic parameters in the plugin. But you can change anything you want in the param.php. In the wiki of SSP there is a list with all parameters and their description:
Reviews: 1
Makes a great app like Slideshowpro EASY to integrate into joomla, otherwise be ready to spend a lot time trying to figure it out.

Genious work!

Missing one feature: be able to sort out the images in the folder, say from a to z or z to a or size or created date, etc.

I'll pay if you can add this feature.
Owner's reply

Sort option add as requested :-)

Reviews: 2
If you are a fan of slideshow pro like me this plugin makes it so easy to add to joomla articals, althought the editable parameters are basic its still workable. Thanks for the plugin.
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