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BonckoSlideShow Plugin

Add SlideShowPro gallery to you article or ligtbox just writing {bonckoslideshow}/foto/{/bonckoslideshow}.
Each subfolder becomes an album with its own soundtrack (if you like). But if ou prefers you can get photos from Picasa and Flick

I develop only the plugin ant that is free but you have to buy SlideShowPro to remove Green S
Video support will be avaiable asap

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Reviews: 3
Installation and implementation is easy. The result is excellent. It make my article more lively. Thanks.
Reviews: 5
I am very impressed by this plugin. If you purchase SlideShowPro Standalone (to get rid of the Green S logo), make sure you take the advice of an earlier reviewer here and copy your new slideshowpro.swf file to the same file in the Boncko plugin. Then the logo will be gone.

One last note - this plugin is quite customizeable from Plugin Manager, with more options promised for the future.
Owner's reply

if you like to improve some slideshow option tell me

Reviews: 1
thank you so much for this really really great job!!! *amazed*
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm.
Point to an images folder with from your article - done.
You need the SlideShowPro standalone version to get rid of a demo mode, but Boncko did all the hard work of seamlessly integrating that into Joomla
Reviews: 4
This is a perfect plugin! I was looking for a way to add SlideShowPro to my content and this does the job nicely.

I emailed the developer a question and he replied quickly.

Install note: After installing the plugin, replace the SWF file in /plugins/content/BonckoSlideShow with the one that comes with the SlideShowProStandalone version.
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for this plugin!Great work!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for! Had one issue with internet explorer, but the developer quickly fixed that. So other than that all I can say is this was the perfect extension for my project! Thanks Bonkco!
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