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Easy Header Module

With this module you will make headers of any size for any template. The module uses the engine to make outstanding photosoph changes in the images. No need to resize the images you use. The same module of scale without losing image quality. Load a mp3 file. Try it for free. Download it now.

Report Extension



Reviews: 20
This is a really useful and easy extension to use. It allows you to really customize your header. IMHO, it should be part of the Joomla! core.
I did not put the maximum amount of stars because there was an unfortunate conflict between this extension and my RSS feed. I had to disable the former eventually.
I would however like to mention the outstanding support that the author has provided. He could not find the issue even though he painstakingly tried to reproduce the error by replicating my site config.
So in the end, I unfortunately can't use the extension (probably because of my site setup) but I would still heartily recommend it!