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Page Flip FX ModulePlugin

You can integrate it in any website for free without any Flash knowledge. It's a fully skinnable and customizable page flipper with different shadow gradients, alpha and colors. It has a completely skinnable control bar through the skin.xml file. Supports SWFs and multiple types of images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF). You can have additional animated text with lots of animation and positioning properties and the text is CSS customizable. Slideshow can be enabled (auto flipping) with different page flipping types and durations. Flipping sounds can be optionally added through external mp3. You can enter in zoom mode or you can go to an URL when clicking on a page.

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Reviews: 11
I do not like this at all. While really not to difficult to install, getting it set the way you want is possible (maybe)with LOTS of messing around. I even opted for the paid version hoping it would have a few more bells and whistles - BUT NO, it only removes the top logo. There is no real explanation of that. And there are NO instructions that specifically address the paid version vs free. I even sent a note to support. All they had to say was follow the free intructions and SUBSTITUTE the paid file. Instead, I get sent right back where I was originally - confused.

The setup is ridiculous. It must be done in their web site, then downloaded, unpacked and one file re-uploaded. Every time you want to make a change, you have to go through this mess. With the paid version, I tended to believe the setup could now be done in the module - but no. What a waste of money.

Unfortunately, this is the only flip book I could find for Joomla 1.6. I'll just have to design the site another way.
Owner's reply

We're sorry you have such an unfavorable opinion about our product. You must understand that we didn't create our products just for Joomla websites, but for almost any type of websites and it would be almost impossible to cover all configuration aspects directly from your website's back-end. We try to make it as easy as possible for everyone but it looks like we didn't satisfied you and we're sorry again for this. We didn't understand way you said that it's almost impossible to configure it the way you want since you know for sure that you can re-configure this product on our website and then, with a single click, you can download it and use it as you want. We will gladly offer our support as long as you'll ask for it.

Reviews: 12
It´s true that install it its a bit complicated, but guys if we read their instructions works just fine. I always tri to do fliping in joomla and ending doing a iframe. This tool allows me to have the book on the application and once we understand the method it works. Thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
I like this very much...and fortunatley I didnot have any problems whatso ever in using this....only thing is I would like to know if its possible to use this plugin or modules for different pdf....

I mean can i display 3-4 pdfs?

Thanks for the great extension..
Owner's reply


This product uses only images and FLV files to be loaded and displayed. As specified in the install instructions, you can place the plugin multiple times in your article. For any other question you have you can send an email to support[at]

Reviews: 3
absolut poor program, setup inside joomla not possible, not a error but joomla stopped
Owner's reply


Send us an email with the problem you're having and we will gladly help you. Contact details can be found on our website.

Reviews: 11
I don't have a problem with the extension, just the honesty of the developer.

The description specifically states "without using flash" in the first sentence, however, from the installation instructions:

"4. Add {pageflipfx}{/pageflipfx} where you want the Flash to show up in your article"

This is definitely Flash, no question about it.

I would've given it a good review, but I was looking for a non-flash solution and I don't like being misled.
Owner's reply

We are referring to the fact that you don't need Flash Professional for this plugin. The Adobe Flash Player is required for this product but almost everyone has it on their browser. You misinterpreted the text.