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XML/SWF Blaze Slide Show Module

Available for both all Joomla versions 2.5, 1.7, 1.6 & 1.5.


* Highly customizable
* Customizable border color
* Customizable tool-tip color
* Resizable
* Customizable Border radius
* Customizable image radius
* Customizable background fill type: gradient or plain
* Customizable gradient start and end colors
* Customizable background alpha
* Display image description text on mouse over / always
* Customizable image description background color
* Transition types: Zooms out, Fades in, Zooms in, Blur, Right slide
* Adjustable description and Bar positions: top / bottom
* Customizable pre-loader color
* Use multiple instances

Availeble text effects

* Linear Fade
* Linear Drop
* Linear Elastic Drop
* Linear Pop
* Linear Elastic Pop
* Random Elastic Drop
* Random Elastic Pop

Available Image effects

* fades in
* zooms out
* Elastic Zoom In
* Blur Zoom Out
* Elastic Slide
* Squares
* Triple Squares
* Horizontal Stripes
* Vertical Stripes
* Waves
* Scales Bars
* Bounce Slide
* Iris
* Alpha Mask
* Intersected Bars
* Auto hide / Hide the numbered bar (new in V 2.4)

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Reviews: 3
OK, for a start their support is above average. I had 2 questions which were answered quickly within 24 hours.
I loved the module. There are lots of parameters to play around with to change the size, colour, style etc. I set it up for a multi language site and using the same image location I set up 4 different versions; 1 for each language.
However, the developers seem to think that the users must fit in with their design quirks.
I wanted to have explanation text on each image. This works fine if you restrict yourself to a few words that will fit on one line. If however like me you want to put enough text that needs two lines, it just doesn't work but instead breaks up a word with part on 1 line and the rest on the next.
I questioned this through the support site.
Their answer was to make the player large enough to fit the text.

Now why didn't I think of that? :-)

The other problem is that each browser (IE, Firefox & Chrome)renders the frame differently so adding spaces to where I wanted the line break to occur doesn't work as the space moves around. Their answer is to make sure the same version of Flash is used to view the site.
I am in the process of phoning all my potential viewers in 4 countries to make sure they all do this before looking.
There is one more issue when I put images with slightly different sizes, those that were 5 pixels wider had a large gap at each side when rendered.
Once they start to listen to potential customers, this is going to be a red hot extension.