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BonckoLen Image Gallery Plugin

Adding PicLen image galleries inside your Joomla articles simply writing bonckoTag inside any article and all images and flash video files existing in the folder "/img_dir/" will be "automagically" presented as an picLen image gallery and if you have Cooliris browser plugin installed you'll see a fantastic 3D img gallery.
Supported languages italiano,english
Images from more directory supported
Different gallaery title
Image sorting,random thubnail,debug mode, auto thumnails generation, fltering image

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Reviews: 3
one of my most favorite extension i'm using. i've been using it for over 15 months.
Reviews: 1
this pluggin is very easy to use and high quality. i got amazing technical support! recommended to all joomla lovers.
Reviews: 1
I have been using the BonckoLen Gallery for 2 years now.
It is a very nice plugin.
Technical support is also a plus.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing extension. I found it while looking for a photo gallery. Really nice and easy to use. You must try it!
Reviews: 13
wow, so easy to use and yet fantastic. The results were exactly as i wanted and really show the image in the best way
Reviews: 1
Awesome extension and great support. I had some issues with but when i reached out for some help, my issue was solved in less than a day.
Reviews: 3
Congratulations to
The italian touch is just perfect and the design of the gallery is so beautiful and...simple!
So I recommend this plugin, which is very easy to parameter. I very appreciate the fullscreen mode, and the black background, very clean and beautiful. I have tried different extensions to set a gallery, but this one is my favorite.
Reviews: 5
stunning and superb gallery, hats off to the geeks behind it.
Reviews: 1
I was new with Joomla, with no programming experience and I found very easy to use and performing this Gallery. Complimenti!
Reviews: 1
Great plugin! Trying to get a website off the ground by someone with my inexperience was made much more fun with this plugin. The support was fast and efficient. I'll definitely be making a donation.
Reviews: 1
After a while I got this to work and it is just what I need. It's very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Also allows for non-experts to create galleries as well. It would get 5 stars if the documentation were a bit better. (i.e. I have no complaints whatsoever about the plugin itself.) Boncko is responsive to questions so you can get good support.
Reviews: 1
This is a nicely designed and rendered component.

However, I would not use it on a production site as it links to javascripts that are on third party sites and if they are "down" or disappear then the component will crash.

It would be far more useful if self contained...
Reviews: 1
Very nice and useful extension. Easy to use and setup. THE BEST: VERY VERY NICE SUPPORT!!!
Grazie Herbert
Reviews: 4
I use this plugin since 4 months and it is the best, the most beautiful and the easiest solution i found to present my pictures. It is really fantastic and works great with all browsers exept no full screen with Chrome and Opera because the cooliris plugin is not now developed for these 2 last browsers. Thank you so much to the developers. All my site is made with this system, nobody can rob your pictures!!!. Eventually, they can add your wall to their site but they can't extract a picture... I am french, so excuse my poor english.
Reviews: 11
this is best plugin for article content in JED excellent work thanx a lot developer .i searched everywhere for something like this and after weeks my search finally ends here i just cant express how much great this plugins is muahh ...thanx
Reviews: 1
Installed this great plugin and it works great incl with backgroundmusic (if needed). Support is also quick and very helpfull. Thank you from Holland!!
Reviews: 6
For me the best slideshow with music. And Francesco is very helpful, if there are any problems!
Reviews: 1
I've installed Boncko just today and it works fine ! It's a wonderful plugin form images viewing.
I already am waiting for v1.10.
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for an image gallery for quite a while. This one suites my purposes the best. It's simple to use (quick ftp mass upload instead of single file backend upload etc.) and looks great.

When I had a question (i.e., which video formats are supported), I got a quick and helpful reply (it supports only FLV video clips). Thanks!
Reviews: 1
very useful plugin and also very kind owner!!
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