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BonckoLen Image Gallery Plugin

Adding PicLen image galleries inside your Joomla articles simply writing bonckoTag inside any article and all images and flash video files existing in the folder "/img_dir/" will be "automagically" presented as an picLen image gallery and if you have Cooliris browser plugin installed you'll see a fantastic 3D img gallery.
Supported languages italiano,english
Images from more directory supported
Different gallaery title
Image sorting,random thubnail,debug mode, auto thumnails generation, fltering image

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Reviews: 1
Hi every one,

I couldn't test this Boncko but I test Boncko Wall an It's amazing. After a few mails with the owner we could make it work. The support is excellent. Try it if you don't believe.
Reviews: 2
Excellent Plugin, excellent addition to f.i. PhocaGallery: display your pictures in a gallery and if necessary use Boncko PicLens to embed them in an article without additional use of webspace.
I use it on several sites, works flawless (except using it twice on the same page).
I ran into one problem only on one site, caused by my .htaccess file, but with the help of the developer found a sollution finally.
Reviews: 1
I really like it! it's easy to use.
I'm pretty new in Joomla and I didn't have any problem with it!
It's a great job boncko!!!
Thank you very much!
If someone else wants an image galler viewer this is a really nice plugin!
Reviews: 2
It's very cool, how the images are presented, just the way I like it. I just hope that next time I could add individual caption if it's not too much to ask. Kudos to you...
Reviews: 1
Yesterday I've installed this plug: it is very easy to use and very effective in presenting the photo gallery and you can add flv videos and music. Every gallery has its own directory...everything you need is there.
Thanks Boncko...and you're also very prompt in replying.
Reviews: 2
This is the one, if you are looking to install the Cooliris photo gallery in Joomla.
I had a head scratching moment at the beginning but after the quick and persistent help of Boncko, it is working very well.
My problem was I had extra invisible coding (br) in my crossdomian.xml file. After revision the "Almost there" was gone and the wall appeared!
Thank you for the plugin and extra time Boncko!
Reviews: 1
Whata fantastic plugin, it does exactly what it says, allowing you to embed picture slide-shows directly within articles really easily. Had a couple of implementation teething problems, but the email support from the developer was first rate and the couple of minor issues were quickly solved.
I whole heartedly recommend this plugin
Reviews: 1
After some setup problems it works fine. A little advise to other users, if you get a error wich says that the console is not defined you should enable .rss and .flv mime types in your http configuration!
I had contact with the developer of this plugin and after a few days e-mailing we found the solution for the problem i discribed above.

I encoutered no conflicts with other mods/plugins.

Due to the ability to show different shows in various places its a recommended plugin for Joomla users.

I hope you can add the possibility to add links in the gallery to show external flash files to in a future release.

Again, an exelent plugin !
Reviews: 1
Love this plugin, it has made a world of diiference to my gallery. Some features for next release...
Make it work in a table

Keep up the good work :-)
Reviews: 2
its a great extension

1 thing missing
the option to now extend all the photos
some photos get pretty crappy when extended

so can it be done
Reviews: 1
Thanks, I have been looking for exactly this for hours, I almost gave up on searching!
Works as described, installation and usage is very easy!
Thanks again!
Reviews: 11
A fast and easy way to add a fantastic gallery/slideshow to your content, especially when you get and enable the CoolIris plugin for your browser!

For those having trouble getting it to work, the key is that you need a forward slash / before and after the directory name. For example, with the default setting for the initial directory, images/stories, if you want to display the contents of the "fruit" folder, then you need to enter {boncko}/fruit/{/boncko}. To use the "food" folder as well, then {boncko}/fruit/|/food/{/boncko). I initially had trouble seeing the slashes, but when they are added where they belong, it works great! Love it! Good job!

Wish List for next release:

Individual captions/descriptions for each image
Reviews: 3
Great plugin. Made me discover Cooliris (beautifull galleries). No installation problems at all on Jommla 1.5.9
Reviews: 1
I had no problem installing and configuring this plugin in Joomla 1.5. I chose not to use it because I wanted to be able to link right into the gallery view from a menu item rather than have to first open a content item and then click on a link.
Reviews: 3
i did my best by testing this plugin , but there is no way to make it work as the description said. Ver disappointed that someone waist time with this to make this plugin.

Ok neverminid going on to test the next app.
Owner's reply

Lot of people install ad use it without problem.
If you tell me the problem i fix it.

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