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NEW and revamped, Pro Image Flow is the right image slideshow for your Joomla! website. The extension has been rewritten from scratch to match your needs. New options were added to make it powerful yet simple to use.

Whether you want to show off your pictures to your friends in style, or present your ideas and products to your production team and potential customers professionally, this extension will drive attention to anyone entering your site.

While other products gives you a limited
amount of images to manage and display, it's not the case with this product. There is no limit in the number of categories and images you can add and manage.

The latest version also comes with 4 lightbox engines support. You can also use the product with JCE MediaBox or RokBox and open your selected images in a modal window.

It can be used anywhere on your site, in separate configurations, and supports UNLIMITED pictures. Images will be auto resized, with landscape and portrait pictures support of any size.
It can link each image to a different page, menu item, website or a Joomla article.

Create categories, add images, sort them the way you want. To simplify things even further, we've added support for images from folders. Just point to a folder and you have an instant flow. Simple as that!

Tweaking settings is also easy. You have total control. You can set the starting picture, add blur, or set the distance between images. Almost everything can be adjusted.

The images can be browsed manually (or with the mouse wheel or the keyboard arrows) or you can set it autoplay.

* New feature : SmartPublish (publish up to 5 categories on separate menus)
* New feature : Schedule (schedule up to 5 categories to start/end by date)
* New feature : Country Access (publish up to 5 categories based by visitor country)
* JoomFish! support
* Resize function with 3 options
* Hassle-free configuration
* Free and fast support

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 8
I have been using this extension (and others from Projoom) since 2009. This a great extension, which you can plainly see by going to the demo website. What impresses me the most is their level of support. I recently had an issue with a couple downloads. The support tech was quick with their response and solved my problem above and beyond what I had expected. And to top it off, it turned out to be my mistake and not theirs. I recommend going with the Mega Pack and taking advantage of a couple other extensions too.
Reviews: 5
This is an impressive module and the output looks great. The one negative, and in my case a VERY BIG negative, is that it requires flash to display the images. This makes the slideshow useless on iPad/iPhone/iPod devices. This requirement is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation. If I had know about the flash requirement, I would have never purchased this add-on!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your time to leave feedback for this extension.
Unless you haven't noticed, this product is listed under the "Image Flash Slideshow" subcategory, so complaining about the "flash requirement" information, is not something we've missed.

Reviews: 13
I love this extension. It's the only one of its kind: smooth, seamless, platform indifferent, as well as easy to install and set up. But perhaps even best of all is the support- I'd recommend this or any other ProJoom product without reservation!
Reviews: 46
Really fantastic looking extension.
Flash does look so cool and smooth.
Developer is helpful too.
Component is very intuitive and easy to use.
Module gives you lots of options.
Nice work :)
Reviews: 2
I needed an Itune lookalike image scroller and searched everywhere for one that had the versatility i required.

Pro Image Flow was so quick to setup and configure and the support is very quick also.

A must for flashy image shows.

Thanks for such a fantastic product
Reviews: 2
I needed a nice and solid slide show and tried a lot from this category, free and commercial extensions. Most of them are fine, but not what I was looking for. When it comes to management and features, no product can beat this one! While other products can be used as a module or plugin only, you can have a limited management option. Pro Image Flow gives you everything you need. In fact, after using this product from them I returned and bought all other products they have. And I was very happy.
Installation is simple, working with the product is a joy. I highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 1
hi,i bought this module 2 years ago,it was very good and easy to apply.There were some issues of limited pics ,but was immediately fixed by the administrator.Now, as i can see there is a renewed version which can be updated, with many options.
Plus the price is quite low
Reviews: 3
This component is the best!!! because it is very easy to install, to use and has many features. Also it has a good support. I Highly Recommend it!!!
Reviews: 2
As far as I am concerned the team behind these modules are doing a fantastic job. Somewhere along the line I have used all of them and not once have they ever let me down. I love how easy they are to install and once up how reliable they are. The only thing that has surprised me is how low the price has stayed... Very impressive.. If you are deciding between this and other variants don't waste your time looking and get the job done NOW!
Reviews: 10
I bought this header slide expecting to have to spend the afternoon figuring it out - suprise, it worked right out of the box - looks great, my clients love it
Reviews: 2
I downloaded the Pro Image Flow and it was great! Very easy to install and it came with a nice and easy instruction video and documentation. Setting up the images and how they were controlled were very simple and took me just a short time to figure out. It looks Great and I Highly Recommend it!!!
Reviews: 1
This is the best extension available providing this function. Easy to use, vastly interchangeable, and overall aesthetically pleasing. Good job!
Reviews: 4
This is one more excelent extension from Projoom. I bought the Mega Pack about 1 year ago and I'm very interested to work with this guys for future. Very fast support, a lot of new functionaliites that makes this and other extensions from Projoom one of the bests in what concerns animation.

Keep you excelent job. I will continue to support you using your extensions!
Reviews: 1
Documentation for this just includes long hand typed paths and instructions that you do manually. I have found nothing automatic about this. No way to add a folder and poof, becomes displayed images with light box as the description suggests. It's all done, if it works at all, by coding. For instance to create one with certain dimensions, you might include 600/250 in your own hand typed instruction line. There is no form you simple fill out to make it more mistake proof and to accomplish it without alot of study. There is no way to have any presentation up in minutes. I tried adding pictures. that also failed. Very little documentation. Purchased that and the banner program,which to my fault didnt realize it was just for (duh) banners at the top of a webpage. So wasted money on both programs. Will try something free. Disappointing.
Owner's reply

You have to be either stupid or malicious to write such a review. In fact, this review is a rant, not a honest point of view.
If adding images is the biggest mystery for this user, it's no wonder that he will never find an extension that is up to his expectations.
It is also disappointing to hear someone complain about something they don't know how to do, yet never ask for help. More than that, we have exchanged over 10 emails with this person, explaining step by step everything he needed to know, but this review was sent prior his support questions.
As our reviews below prove, most of our users are happy and satisfied with our product interface and ease of use.

Reviews: 2
This is a great product -- easy to set up, and provides great visual "pizazz" to our websites. Very unique compared to the other offerings out there. With the automatic reflections and the flowing images, the possibilities for dressing up your website are endless.

We did run into one problem today when copying our website to a new hosting provider. But the support from ProJoom was very prompt, friendly, and effective. We quickly worked through the issues and now things are up and running just great.

I highly recommend this product and company.
Reviews: 2
As with their other extensions, Image Flow is ridiculously easy to install, configure and use. Professional, high quality display and plenty of configuration options allow you to customize the look for a variety of applications. Love it!
Reviews: 3
I setup this for a client and it is an amazing component, easy to setup and config! I had one issue with local machines CPU running excessively high and addressed the issue with support - they worked with me to optimize my images (largest was 59KB, now 16KB) and config the module to load optimally - works great.

Very happy that they worked through this issue with me!
Reviews: 1
This is now the 3rd or 4th extension I've purchased from ProJoom. They continue to display the most efficient and accurate support--along with great products.

Everything works as expected, installed as stated, and is customized as indicated!
Reviews: 7
This is the only extension that im very happy to bought, its a newbie/novice proof, very easy and the support is very fast. When my support membership expire i plan to buy a new one again. Don loose your time trying to install other "free" image/slideshow extension because later you need to much time to try to put to working
Reviews: 2
I already tried most of the free available extensions- This one beats them all. Loads fast, easy to set up and works with jce mediabox. Great! I own all projoom extensions and i am more than satisfied. Thank you.
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