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BonckoLen Image Gallery Module

With our Cooliris PicLens module you can create a gallery simply specify images folders.
You can have fixed or random or sliding mondule images.

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Reviews: 2
Hello tested and finally installed BonckoLen Image Gallery. It worked from the installation on, not all other plug ins can say :( that. Support and documentation is great.
Reviews: 1
This plugin it's really nice, and easy to use.

I only want a little thing more, the option for random sort.

From my point of view... it's excellent.
Owner's reply

random sort option added as requested :-)

Reviews: 2
I downloaded and installed the plugin. I had to fix one line of code that was producing a warning (reported to the author), but it works nicely. There are quite a few options that can be configured in the plugin, and others that can be configured per use. Considering that it's free, the feature set is huge. It resembles flikr's slideshow widget.
Reviews: 1
It works very fine. Easy to use and the small problems i had (due to no expertise on my side) was taken care of by the great and fast support.
Thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 1
a very nice plugin for Joomla.
Excellent work of the developer and good support.

Reviews: 1
I had a problem with the thumbnail order and it was fixed promptly and in a very professonal manner, thanks for this great module
Reviews: 10
Very impressed. Extremely easy to set up (just install the plugin, enable it, and tell it what directory the pictures are in). Works really nicely.

The developer was thoughtful enough to put in some very handy options in the back end, such as choosing whether or not to reset the rss file upon each load, and adding your logo in the bottom right corner.
Reviews: 1
I was awaiting such a module since a long time, which is able to show gallery even if Cooliris is not yet installed on client PC.
Very simple to use, little issue at the beginning but due to web server configuration, so no problem with the module itself. Boncko provide me support to solve it anyway, thanks to him ;o)
Reviews: 3
This module is great. I liked it a lot. I only have a few problems related to the speed and look. First of all for the looks, it doesn't look really pretty and it's rather difficult to use. Second of all the speed, when I make it fast it just begans switiching through blank pages (depending on how much pictures I put) and so I think it's a little unstable

But overall I really liked it
Thank You!