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BonckoWall ImageWall Plugin

Adding cooliris image wall galleries inside your Joomla articles simply writing {bonckowall}/img_dir/{/bonckowall} inside any article and all images files existing in the folder "/img_dir/" or on Picasa or Flickr Instagram adn Youtube will be "automagically" presented as an cooliris embed wall images gallery
PHP 5 or higther can custom each media link can add a description to each media can protect your media from copy
4.You can add watermar to your images

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Reviews: 4
We have it online at and everybody is raving about the new image viewing using Picasa as storage.

One small issue we cannot solve yet but I want to share it so maybe somebody has a solution to this.

The latest release 2.5.3 of Boncko Image Wall creates in IE8 script errors in line one on our website:
The errors are not always there but clicking on the menu items, hitting F5 multiple times, or clicking on the logo will bring it up frequently without proper script error description. This also is the case on the Boncko website on the demo with Picasa:

Press F5 one or two times and the same script error appears.

Just a message that in line one we have an unsupported feature or method within the script. No further details.

Errors do not appear in Chrome and FireFox so you have to use IE8 to find it. Not everybody will see it immediately but it occurs to easily to ignore.

When we switch the image wall off in Joomla the problem disappears and we cannot recreate it. But when switched back on the problem is back.

Please review this problem to see if it can be fixed. It is quite certain that it is directly related to the image wall plugin. You can post an email to me (communicatie) or the webmaster. I tried the support page of Broncko first but it seems broken and my message is not being copied since I do not get a copy in my email. Tried it multiple times.
Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin!

Easy to install and get working with no tinkering.

I was looking for a Cooliris 3D Wall that I could turn off the Facebook & Twitter links from the toolbar and/or the images, the BonckoWall does this with the click of a button, no script or programming required.

The developer was helpful with supporting me with my problems, he contacted me within a few hours of contact and offered open-ended support. I was very pleasantly surprised!

I would definitely recommend the BonckoWall for anyone interested in displaying images in a futuristic 3D Cooliris 3D Wall, especially if they don't have programming skills - it's plug and play!

Kudos Boncko!

Reviews: 2
I’m using Image Wall to show a specific set of a Flickr. It’s pretty simple: first: download, install and enable Image Wall plugin; second: put a simple string into your article like ‘{bonckowall} source="1" fkey="album" fvalue="your-username” fvalue2="your-set-number"}{/bonckowall}’; third: configure the plugin to take the layout that you need. Simple to install, beautiful and user friendly result.
OBS: I had some problems with my article editor. If you have problems, take a look at HTML code to check if the editor put some extra code into plugin string.
Reviews: 22
Great plugin for my website - exactly what I was looking for! Great support, Francesco personally helped me configure it to work with my site.
Reviews: 1
a very effective plugin to display all my images in a simple way with ammazing visual display, and most of all they have great support !!!

and remember, the folder name in the tag is case sensitive !
Reviews: 9
This is one of the best!!! It works like a charm and looks like a million bucks.
I had a minor problem with a site and the developper spared no effort to help me.
Within no time I got this up and working.
Reviews: 3
The interface was amazing, I very much wish I could have used this. It worked great when i displayed all flickr photos for a single flickr member. But when i tried to display a set, only a blank cooliris interface was shown with no pics.
By the way, this is how it is on the boncko site demo too; the same issue of no pics coming up with the demo they are showing to display a set.
I emailed support, hoping they could fix it and I would use it, but then when I decided to switch the article back to showing just the flickr user photos like it was from the start, the blank interface remained. Unfortunately that means this plugin may be a little iffy for what I am trying to do, so i have to go with something else. It really is amazing though which is why I still gave it three stars. Just needs some bugs worked out still

I dont know if it is possible to change a review, but I would like to do so for the review I gave here. Though it was extension problems, the creator has been extremely helpful and fixed the issue for me, so I believe they deserve 5 stars. Dont know if this is possible at all.
Owner's reply

I ve fix the problem in my demo site and every bugs reported me

Reviews: 2
I am very content with this, is a fantastic gallery for my site. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I tried several plugins to show my picasa photo images in a professional way in a joomla website. This is THE plugin to use! The look and feel of the Coolirs is just great and it works fast and easy. Still trying to work out some details (example: how to merge 2 picasa albums in one gallery) but this plugin gives my website the professional photo website look and feel I was searching for. Thanks to Bocko!
Reviews: 2
The plugin installed no problem and displayed my Flickr Photos with no problem. Very quick and easy to set up. This is just what I am looking for in a gallery.
I have had problems showing individual albums (sets) due to incorrect parsing on my site due to something I've probably done, because my album (set) displayed with no problems on the developer's site. This problem is being looked at by the developer who is being extremely helpful for finding a fix. Thanks so much.
Overall, it is an excellent plugin with excellent support.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a gallery plugin, particularly with lightbox capability. But then I found this neat plugin and my search ended here! Cheers to the developer... excellent plugin!
Reviews: 1
This extension deserves 6 stars for 2 reasons. The application is in my opinion the best photographic display I have seen. The extra star goes to the author who helped me out within a few hours when I needed a little support. This is a very good extension. It also links with Google and Flickr seamlessly. It is great. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Works flawlessly, easy to setup, and cooliris is realy, well, cool.
The icing on the cake is the support the developer is providing if you encounter a problem.
It's a 10 out of 10!
Keep on the great work!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an eye catchy slideshow to appear in Articles.
I tried this Plugin and i feel, i'll not need to look further. This is an eyecandy.

I loved it, my friends loved it.

Excellent Plugin. Easy to use even for novice user like me. :-)
Reviews: 4
BonckoWall and Bonckolen Plugins are simple in use extensions and author's support is in "real time". Good job!
Reviews: 1
Downloaded and tested this on localhost server and works out of the box with not much issue.

When I uploaded this to my online server with Plesk, I can't get it work. Emailed the developer and viola! Problem solved in 3 days.

Great extension with great support! Kudos to Boncko!
Reviews: 11
every plugin created by this developer are image gallery and wall plugin they are just out of the has every thing i would have love to see thanx a lot developer
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