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ARI Image Slider Popular Module

New version of the module is ready. It is compatible with the latest version of "Advanced Module Manager".

Joomla! image slider module which provides possibility to create awesome image slideshow based on images from specific folder(s).

Main features:

* 16 transition effects;
* No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
* Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
* Responsive;
* Supports keyboard navigation;
* Can show preview thumbnails;
* Contains 2 themes and provides ability to create your own themes;
* Can start slideshow automatically;
* Supports possibility to show images titles and define redirect links and alternation image text which you can define in INI file;
* Provides ability to create multi-language descriptions;
* Can generate thumbnails;
* Provides possibility to define link target: self window, parent window, new window or top window;
* Can be integrated with the following Joomla! lightbox extensions:

    ARI Sexy Lightbox -
    ARI Colorbox -
    ARI Pretty Photo -
    ARI Fancybox -
    RokBox plugin
    Ninja Shadowbox plugin
    Core Joomla! lightbox

* Translations: English, Persian;
* Works in all modern browsers.

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Reviews: 1
I use it rasshirepnie on many sites. Works fine. No conflicts with other extensions. I really hope that this extension will be developed further.
Reviews: 5
I've used serveral ARI modules and each one preforms very well, is easy to set up and looks great.

ARI Image Slider is very easy to use and customize to your liking. I've never had any issues with conflicts. It has all the features I could need.

I'm now moving from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and happy to see that ARI is upgrading their extensions to keep up with Joomla. I'd hate to do without some of them. Sure there are others out there but these suite my aesthetics and work great.
Reviews: 1
Most free slideshows don't work properly, are overloaded or just made with flash. This one is perfect for my needs: easy to configure (and just stripped down to what is essentiel for a slideshow), fast, slick and with great effects.

Thanx for this! You're awesome!
Reviews: 7
This extension has very good options, too bad that the version of jQuery being used is so low, on my site currently using version 1.7.

I really like as it keeps the aspect ratio of images.
Reviews: 2
Easy to configure and excellent support,
I am very happy of the result!!!

Thank you for this awesome module!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and setup. Also creates a great look for your site. Love it thanks.
Reviews: 2
Hi Guys,

for everyone looking for an image slider I can only recommend this one.
I already tried so many but this is the one with the best functions, most opportunities and so easy to use.

But best of all is the support from Ari Soft if questions come up!

Great tool - great team - I would never use another one.

Kind regards

Reviews: 1
Great module with extremely helpful functionality. Very similar to animation which the Apple uses on their site.
Love this module.
Reviews: 4
WOW These guys are amazing.
I had a unique situation using Ari Image Slider with Ari Colorbox. They have adapted the script in double quick time and now both work together in my unique environment, beautifully.
Here is a perfect example of Customer and Service working as if they were one.
You are the best - Many thanks.
Reviews: 5
I love these simply and strong extensions, works perfect. I have only small problem with working with file ariimageslider.ini (it must be placed on the folder with images, but I must find this information on google...).

Thx for develop this stuff!
Reviews: 1
had no problems.... simply great!! extensions like these make joomla bestest!!
had to modify the css of the module though... lost some time there... but nevertheless superb experience..

encourages me to buy some of the products from WWW.ARI-SOFT.COM
Reviews: 1
I could not believe how simple it was to install and configure this module. Furthemore, i was able to check the forum for a couple issues i experienced and was able to fix due to reviewing similar issues that were promptly resolved by the support team. I highly recommend this module.
Reviews: 1
I am very new to making websites so even though this extension is easy to install and get working, I had a few problems. Apart from the fact that this extension looks great, I was extremely impressed with the assistance I got from the Ari-Soft team. Day or night, weekday or weekend, I received very quick responses and now the Ari Image slider is working beautifully on my site. Thank you to Ari-Soft for a great product and great service.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for good, nice looking module.
Also I got a fast and qualified support.
Reviews: 33
I absolutely love the Nivo slider, and ARI Image Slider converts it to Joomla the best. Customizing it is easy Joomla-side, which I appreciate. And it's very easy to update and maintain, which my clients will appreciate!

The only issue I've had with it so far is the following:

It's not obvious or documented where the "ariimageslider.ini" file for descriptions should go -- I dug through the forum thinking there was a bug as to why it wasn't working, which wasted my time. Please mention this somewhere so future users don't have an issue with it!

Other than that this is absolutely superb... Thanks so much, and especially for making it free! :)
Reviews: 15
However... It's not what I'm looking for.. I'm not sure if it was just me though.

I'm using png files as my photos (only 3 pics total) and it seems that I can't configure the picture to fade OUT appropriately. Image A comes in then the transition begins for Image B but Image A doesn't fade all the way and I'm left with pic on pic for a few seconds which jumbles the text on those images. (btw these pics are like want-ads for my site which means they include text)

SOO... i found that while tweaking the params I could make it do something really awesome, just not what I'm looking for.. So my review is a Buyer/Downloader be-ware review.

Very good ext.!
Reviews: 2
This module works right out of the box as described. Lots of setting options. Image title is a plus. And best of all, it's FREE. Thank you very much for the work.
Reviews: 3
Very great! I've integrated in a template without slider in a few time. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Great Image Slider, worked just like I expected with plenty of options. That said I had a problem that I caused. I had a system error "JFolder::files: Path is not a folder". I worked on it a full day and decided I would ask ARI for help. They asked for access, I gave it to them and 5 minutes later the error was fixed. No only fixed but told me what was wrong, I seldom get that from other support.

What I did was in the Module Config. for the images path setting text box was put the correct path (images/slides) but in the process I had added a couple of line breaks and not noticed them as they are not visible, they removed them so that the path was left and that fixed it.

The other issue that is documented, but I missed it. The "ariimageslider.ini" for the captions and links must be in the same folder as your images or it won't work.

Thanks again to ARI Soft for such great products.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, Many functionality to select in the administrator part, i just love it. Its an amazing module for image sliding in your site.

NB:- Please go through the instruction thoroughly in the administrator part give the image folder part correctly.
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