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Slide Them All! Module

Slide Them All! is free great looking image slider for with several nice features like thumbnail preview, slideshow, unique transition effects, etc.


* Free great-looking image slider/rotator for Joomla!
* 3 Sliders in one: Coin slider, Minimalistic slider, Fancy Transitions slider
* Easy to configure
* Slideshow support
* Ability to display descriptions for images
* Thumbnail preview
* Supports major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.
* Great solution to present products/images to your visitors
* PDF documentation:
* Easy integration with popular lightboxes:
- Art Sexy Lightbox:
- Art Colorbox:
- Art Pretty Photo:
- Art Art Nicebox:

Main demo:
Art Sexy Lightbox integration demo:
Art Colorbox integration demo:
Art Pretty Photo integration demo:

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Reviews: 1
I have never written reviews but the support was so awesome for this extension that I had to tell people about it. This extension is great, but I have to say that the support is amazing. I needed a slide show that I could stop after one round through. I asked them if this was possible. They modified the extension for me and emailed it to me. No charge! They did this twice, once for each change I wanted to make. You don't see service like this anymore. These people are great. I would look on their site for extensions before going anywhere else. I am impressed.
Reviews: 1
I have looked and looked and downloaded over 9 sliders and all of them had something that did not work or just was not for me. I almost was getting ready to give up and just try to get the cash to buy one until I come up on yours thanks so very very much. After about 6 hours of trying to get the others to work I download yours and had it running in about 5 mins and been working with it trying it out for about 30 mins and it does all that it said it does and with no issues. Thanks again so much.
Reviews: 1
I find this Extension simple, but in the same time quite powerful. The only thing I am missing is the ability to have the images display random. Is this possible? Any help with that will be really appreciated.
Reviews: 3
I have been looking for a compatible slideshow extension for 1.6.0 and Slide Them All! had everything I was looking for expect for an easy way to use captioning. I did see another slider on which did include documentation to use captions. It involved placing a .txt file in the image folder but theres no mention of how to use captioning at all for Slide Them All! Its a shame if it wasn't for the captioning this would be perfect. I'm sure there's a way in the .css or the .php but I haven't figured it out yet.
Owner's reply

Simply place slidethemall.txt file to images folder.

Example file structure:

a.jpg=Description 1
b.jpg=Description 2
c.jpg=Description 3

where a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg are your image filenames.

Not sure what is difficult here.
Hundreds of customers use this feature.

You can simply contact us on forum or by email and we will be happy to assist.

Reviews: 5
Although their documentation could be clearer and "dumbed down" a bit, their Support is First Rate and everything works wonderfully well. Thank you Artetics!
Reviews: 4
These use to be my goto slideshow, but I don't know what happend the minimal slideshow themse stopped rotating, it will rotate once and then stops.

The good news is the support staff are always on the board so I hope I get an answer to this soon.
Reviews: 5
This is simply one of the best extensions I have used in while.It does what it claims with no shortfalls.

I had a need for a customisation of the module and Artetics team assisted me in record time!
Reviews: 3
This turned our year-end slideshow into something really cool. It's dead easy to use, and the customer support team is super nice.
Reviews: 3
I love this extension. Is exactly what I was looking for for one of my Joomla articles. Very flexible to work with. Easy to configure. Tech support is tops. Very responsive and helpful.

Give it a try
Reviews: 1
What can I say? It is a free extension, but they are giving me A-1 customer service that made me feel like a paid customer!!

Speedy response, accurate problem-solving knowledge, helpful altitude. What more can you ask for nowadays?
Reviews: 3
A very nice image slider to spice up your website. With several configuration options, it is even like 3 modules in one.I had a request to make it possible to rearrange the display order of the images, got a reply by the minute and the day after there was an upgrade. Wow. Artetics has many more extensions that make your website stand out. Plus magnificent support. A true gift for joomla users.
Reviews: 3
Does exactly what it says and the support is superb.

Thank you for this extension!
Reviews: 1
Slide Them All! delivers on the promise.

I want to mention the outstanding support.
Literally within minutes after contacting them by email I got a response. I granted the team access to my site and again within minutes the problem was solved (the problem was on my side though).

Very impressive for a free of charge extension.
Reviews: 4
Very nice and easy to use extension. Thank you, this is just I need.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent image slider. It delivers what it is said on the description and the result is a great looking effect on your pictures in a slideshow with thumbnails and picture descriptions! Having issues with my template's code, the Artetics Support team immediately solved the problem showing high professionalism with great know-how. I am impressed and grateful for this simple but powerful extension.