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Art Image Cycle Module

Art Image Cycle is free module to slideshow images using dozens of effects.

- Indicate image folder and you are all set
- Dozens of effects supported:
* blindX
* blindY
* blindZ
* cover
* curtainX
* curtainY
* fade
* fadeZoom
* growX
* growY
* scrollUp
* scrollDown
* scrollLeft
* scrollRight
* scrollHorz
* scrollVert
* shuffle
* slideX
* slideY
* toss
* turnUp
* turnDown
* turnLeft
* turnRight
* uncover
* wipe
* zoom

* Easy integration with popular lightboxes:
- Art Sexy Lightbox:
- Art Colorbox:
- Art Pretty Photo:
- Art Nicebox:

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Reviews: 2
I have used quite a number of artetics commercial image extensions and am always amazed about their creativity. When I discovered this free extension, I was apprehensive support will be lacking because it's free. I am however greatly impressed that the team is as committed to support for this as they would any of their commercial products. I had a little problem getting the toss effect to work, but the support team promptly assisted me.

I recommend this and many more artetics extensions for all Joomla developers.
Reviews: 2
I needed an image slideshow for 4 images, but without a loop, the slideshow should stop at the 4th image. The Art image cycle was perfect for me, but it did not stop at the end of the slideshow. I asked them if it was possible and they made an adjustment just for me, and now it works like a charm.
Reviews: 3
Have used a couple of the Artetics extensions and I have to say,l while their extensions are good they are made great by the speed and quality of the support - even for the free stuff - amazing! Thanks for all your efforts
Reviews: 1
Nice feature + quick and great support! I had a little problem loading the sliding effect, but with the quick and professional help of the Artetics support team, I had the Image Cycle up and running in no time.

Thanks a lot for this!
Reviews: 9
Jquery conflicts are abundant. Found no solution. I hate to rate it poor, but it does not work for me and there's no way to 'not rate' it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment.

Please just disable jQuery load in module settings to avoid conflicts. Or just contact us by email: - and we will be happy to assist.

Reviews: 1
I'm using shuffle effect and it is looking robust. Thanks for the developer for this free extension.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module. I used it for a groceries shop web site and it served me nice. Also the team is working pretty fast with updates and bug fixes and gives you a great support. Thank you for a good job.
Reviews: 1
This is a great program. I've never written a review before but I couldn't pass up writing a review for this software. Initially I couldn't get the module to work and their helpful staff was AMAZING!! They helped me out in no time and it was up and working.
Reviews: 3
Very cool and useful! congratulations, it's simple, great coded, and high customizable.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I installed the application on my site to show the work of sites built, with the effect "toss".
I had a problem with the code, I contacted the developers who responded within 5 minutes (never happened, well done).
After some e-mails have solved the problem and the application now works perfectly.
Excellent service.
Reviews: 1
Hey, I have installed and used this extension for a website I created for my work. At the homepage it shows some excellent images with great transistion effects. I had some problems with firefox not showing the image but after e-mailing and contacting the creators of Art Image Cycle they answered within five minutes (awesome) and where able to help me out. So I'd say give it a try and if something doesn't go as planned they will help you out!
Reviews: 1
Good and basic extension. So simple as you want, so powerful as you need. You can customize the style and it have a lot of transitions options. In addition, the Artetics team offers a excelent service.
Reviews: 3
good module,easy to install and use
Reviews: 5
This module was easy to install and configure. Great image transition effects.

Pros - easy to use and configure
Cons - none, so far
Reviews: 8
Once again the Artetics team have delivered a flawless extension that works straight out of the box.

You guys are ACE!
Reviews: 2
Very good module!

Suport was quick and good!
Reviews: 1
Greate service, they answer to my question very quick and fixed my problem.
Reviews: 6
Perfection and simplicity into 1...

Thnx alot creators!
Reviews: 10
Easy to intall, works perfectly and with great support from the creators.
Reviews: 2
This extension in very easy to install and use for total beginners, as I'm. Big thank to author(s).
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