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Art Featured Image Slider Module

Art Featured Image Slider is free module to show featured content

- Just set up width, height and image path and you are all set
- Different image effects
- Parameters: transitions effect, speed, etc.
- Works in Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

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Reviews: 3
This is very simple but elegant extension. The support from the team is fast, this allowed me to customise the Art
Featured Image Slider to exactly as I wanted it. What more could you ask for?
Reviews: 1
This module is "simple" within the module it self on the left side "details" which is the same as a standard module configuration, but on the "right" side lacks configurable options for this...

1. images to path field? why not add a simple button to the media gallery ? this would be a start to improving this module
2.module customization? Lacking of editing style sheet unless you want to metal with the module it self (code) which i doubt.

There are limitless upgrades that any module can use i have seen other picture galleries with tons of options but hey there all commercial so maybe that's why....

anyhow the module works great for what it is..


Reviews: 116
I have been using Joomla Modules and Components for many years even when it was Mambo. Sometimes something comes along that you have to sit up and shout about. This is it.... I cannot believe no-one has commented or downloaded on this simple, yet elegant Module that has been created.

It is well constructed and works like a dream - Thank You.
Reviews: 1
This is good and simple module for small setup of images.