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2J ImageViewer ComponentModulePlugin

2JImageViewer v2 it's completely new look and functionality. Great fresh Joomla images slideshow with cool CSS3 themes a lot of new transition animation effects.
Full set of front end navigation elements: next/previous buttons, play/pause button, scrolling panel with thumbnails, dot buttons navigation and panel for the image description and title information. All front end interface elements are highly customizable.
Very comfortable and easy to use tools for management of the images settings. Advanced tools for uploading images: batch upload, scan and upload multiple images from the directories of the server , upload single images one by one. Fully customizable front end interface: all frond end elements are floatable and all CSS3 styles implemented in component as additional configuration settings. So in the case if you a beginner and don’t have any idea how to edit CSS You don’t have to! Just open component admin section and specify all colors, sizes and positions of the image viewer in native joomla way!
Key Fetaures:
• AJAX slideshow (No Flash here!);
• 24 Animation transition effects and fade effect;
• Live slideshow preview in admin section;
• All images in component represented as galleries of the images;
• Thumbnails panel;
• Caption panel with HTML support;
• New pattern slice effect over slideshow;
• Possible to show multiply instances of the images viewer on page;
• New 3 CSS3 based themes with additional navigation elements;
• W3C CSS validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
• W3C XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
• Floatable front end interface elements;
• All CSS styles implemented in component settings: colors, sizes, margins, rounding of every interface element;
• Module + Component + Plugin for content management from Joomla back end;
• Ability to insert instances of the images Image viewer to the joomla content articles (using plugin tag);
• Batch images uploading;
• Upload images from server directory (scan directory option);
• Order by option for custom ordering of the images in Image viewer (order by joomla native ordering, name, random, id);
• Possible generate thumbnails and big images with transparent background;
• Auto-resizing for thumbnails and big images (possible to specify size of the big images smaller then full image size);
• As additional option for resizing functionality possible to specify alignment for resized thumbnails or big images (namely align to the left, right, top or bottom resized image against original image);
• Possible to change height and width values of the thumbnails or big images after upload;
• Ability to add pre-text - some intro HTML before Image viewer section;
• Ability to add post-text - some HTML after Image viewer section;
• All gallery settings in one place – slideshow listings manager;
• Advanced compatibility settings for every gallery (start delay, browsers coefficient, “protect images” from another mambots/plugins);
• Cache

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Reviews: 3
Easy to configure and does what is says on the box and looks great.
This is my second 2J extension for a 2.5 site. The products are professional and generally work well without support and without making other extensions fall over.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
We've been searching for an image slider with captions to use on an online magazine website for quite a while now and finally came across this one. Installation is really straight forward, but if you don't have much experience with Joomla it is advisable to read the manual that comes with it. There was a problem with one of the slider layouts, it was displaying only one image instead of the selected 3; we raised a ticket and the developers responded and fixed it in less than two hours - that was impressive. £20 well spend :)
Reviews: 1
This extension is the best image slider module I've found on the web. The best feature for me is the new functionality to slide images with different display times!

Support is really great, if you have any problems they look if it can be solved through a new JS-File or the implementation of new features in a new release. 6 Stars for this extension!!!
Reviews: 3
A great module, just works. and it gives me several options to customize as i see fit.
Reviews: 1
This extension is indeed easy to setup and does everything as advertised. But before buying check the demo on their site with IE8 to see if it's working OK for you. Opacity in the Caption Panel (description and title area) does not work with IE8 where some other slide shows have no problem. If you want to use the Caption Panel the title of the Slide is always shown. This option can be unchecked with other slide shows. If you want to change the size and styling of fonts of the title it can easily be done in the CSS file, not from within the extension.
Reviews: 2
I used this component only few days and it's working perfect so far. Didn't had any problems during installation and configuration. I just put it as alternative image lightbox into content. Really like scale effect. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
When I opened screenshots it wasn't 100% clear how this slideshow is working. But after purchase I was really impressed. During last few days I have installed imageviewer to the two sites for my customers and they was really happy. This component has a really wide range of the configuration options! So what can I say: Imageviewer do exactly what it's should do. Didn't have any problems with installation, any conflicts, bugs ... nothing like this. Exactly fit to my needs. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
This one of the really few commercial extensions I ever had, and now I can see a difference between free and commercial components owing to 2joomla image viewer. So much specs and at the same time so easy to manage it. All configurations are intuitive. Everything working smooth!
Personally I really like "blue drafts" of the interface elements in admin section. It's really helpful when you try to understand what exactly this option do.
Thank you so much!
Reviews: 3
This plugin really helped me out on my website : it is highly customizable and displays the most beautiful lightbox effect for Joomla. It has tons of features. The support itself is one of the finest I've encountered for a Joomla extension -- you get really quick answers delivered by the development team itself, which really helped me out with personal tips ! I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Looking good front end interface and very comfortable admin section. Do exactly what is described. Definitely 5 stars!