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jGalleria Gallery Pro Module

This is our jGalleria module, the perfect presenter of portfolios, photos or art. Thumbnails are generated by the module. Just install and select the folder containing the images and you got a nice looking gallery on your site.

- Width
- Height
- Thumbnails
- Background (color/transparent)
- Border (style, width, color)
- Show information on/off

No flash (works with ipad/iphone).

**Support Our team : Please Please If you like our Extension then Vote for us , our Developing team need your supports so please give your valuable time for voting.Thanks in Advance.

1.9.0 Compatible with joomla 2.5

1.8.0 Updated javascripts and jquery 1.7.2

1.7.3 Thumbnail container fixed

1.7.2 Autoplay added
Different transitions added
Turn off thumbnails added
Pan cropped images added
Lightbox popup added

1.7.1 Smaller fixes

1.7.0 Better performance for touch devices and iOs
Mobile improvements
Better overall improvement and error handling

1.6.0 Joomla 1.6 & Joomla 1.7
Minor fixes.
1.5.3 IE9 fix added.
Thanks to D. Antúnez.
1.5.2 IE6 fix added.

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Reviews: 1
Very shabby port of a fantastic gallery. It does not work and support doesn't answer.
Reviews: 1
Bought this module, but it doesn't work in mony browsers. Tried to connect support 3 times, but no reply for 5 days now.....
Reviews: 41
I bought the Pro version too, got the file quickly as an attachment, but the images were also stacked on top of each other (I didn't try to generate thumbnails).

I've also sent a message to the author, but 48 hours later there's no reply. If you read my reviews on here, they are always positive (in fact, I think this is the first negative one).

If the author gets in touch that would be great, but I'm still going to ask for my money back as I'm under a bit of pressure from a client and had to purchase another product... I can't hang around for days hoping someone will reply!
Reviews: 4
I tried the lite version and worked great for the purpose I had in mind. However I needed the extra features that were advertised in the pro version and decided to buy it. Heres where it all went downhill.

I got the file that I purchased about two hours later as an attachment to an email. Upon loading the module I realized that the module did not even have the basic functionality that the free version had. I had uploaded three test images to my server for the lite version and it worked great. The thumbnails were generated and I could cycle through the images in the folder. Great.
In the pro version, the images were mereley stacked on top of each other and no thumbnails were generated. I sent a message to the author hoping that it was just a wrong version of the file that was sent to me and that getting the correct file would just fix it. 15 hours now and still no word. I even sent them another email through their site but no response to that either. As a last resort I am posting a review here. It makes me question the validity of the previous reviews who rave about the absolutely fast and fantastic response of the developer.
Reviews: 1
I bought the Gallery Modul and installed it within 3 minutes and it worked. Only the pictures were displayed in a vertikal line. So I wrote to the developper and within 10 minutes I had an answer( it was 7:30 in the morning !).

The problem was an error in my(!) program, not in the modul, but Mr Grahn detected and repaired it and so I am a happy user of the Modul. I´m happy what I decided to buy this one.

The engagement of this guy is inbelievably good and very polit.

Auf Deutsch:

Das Modul ist einfach nur spitze, es läuft völlig ohne Probleme und der Service hier ist wirklich unglaublich: Ich hatte einen Fehler in meinem Template und die Jungs hier haben sich richtig reingehängt um das Problem zu fixen.
Also: Die verstehen ihr Handwerk und sind unglaublich engagiert. Und immer freundlich.

Ich kann dieses Modul jedem uneingeschränkt empfehlen, es ist schön, funktioniert einwandfrei und ist schlank und schnell.

I only can increTdata
Then I change
Reviews: 1
I have registered with Joomla Ext Directory to leave this feedback only and this is my experience.

1- Installed 1.5 version a month ago and installed in one click, and done the job as its suppose to.

2- Great Customer Service/Support. When I purchased 1.5 version, 1.7 wasn't available so I contacted Tobian (Developer) and asked him if it works with 1.7 and in less than 15 minutes I have respond from him saying NO, what I liked about it is that he didn't say I'm working on it or any promise or date so it helped me to see what other options I have, suddenly a week or two after that 1.6 and 1.7 were out and he sent me a free version of that. Been in development for 12 years and what it shows me is that he works for quality NOT money.

3- Price is reasonable.

4- You can just select what image folder you'd like to use and thats it.

5- No errors on any platform or browser.

Never been happier with a component/module/plugin

I hope he always get what he deserves in his life.

Reviews: 1
This product works beautifully and is very easy to set up. A missing feature is being able to display individual information with each photo but that's a possibility in future releases I am told. GREAT and responsive customer service as well. Highly recommend the product and this vendor.
Reviews: 1
Support fast, immediate and polite.