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jQuery Image Scroller with Linking Module

With jQuery power we decided to add a scrolling carousel .
This module takes images from one folder resize and scroll with jQuery effect.

You can select how many pictures you display per row and size of images and module.

Also you can add link and description to every image.

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Reviews: 1
I don't recommend this plugin as it not supported on joomla 3x and its nowhere to have been stated. Please see below my conversation with the developer:

he responded to me without any help:

This module is Free

it was made for joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on 2011

Unfoetunatly is not working on 3.X versions
and it is not responsive also

we have created a same functionality module for 3.X version that will be published and will not be free module after joomla go to 3.5 LTS

until then we can not do anything more
Owner's reply

The Plugin has the Sign that works on Joomla 2.5

We have never added the Sign that works on Joomla 3

All the plugins and modules in this community has a sign Label for the compatibility
and all users should notice that before installing , Something that you probably haven’t noticed.

Reviews: 1
Oh My God!
After hours of searching I found the perfect module for my website!

Reviews: 1
Wonderful slider perfectly suited to my needs. Had some jquery conflict issues which were promptly resolved by the developer.

Excellent support! Keep it up!
Reviews: 4
very good support very quick. thank you.
Reviews: 4
Installed this extension and it was beautiful except part of the images was cut off. It was due to my template, not the extension. Contacted support and they promptly provided excellent support. Now it looks Beautiful.

In working with many extensions, I get a chance to see which ones have good code and which ones don't. This is a top notch professional quality extension with superb support and it is free. My suggestion to the developer is to add a Donate button to their website.

I am thoroughly satisfied !
Reviews: 1
This is sadly not working very well for me. It only shows the top 3/4 of the images. Some of the images can't be clicked on and the right arrow is not working at all.
Owner's reply

You can place a submit request for free

we will try to help you ASAP

Reviews: 1
Hi could you please to teach me how to set the url link of the images open in the same parent window instead of a new (_blank window) ?
Thanks in advance!
Owner's reply

Please Download the latest version published on 27/11/2011 from our site this has an option for this

Reviews: 1
Very good module.. very simple to use and look beautyful!
but just a question : i'm not be abble to make an internal link (in the same window)
it's impossible ??
Many thanks for your reply.
Owner's reply

Please Download the latest version published on 27/11/2011 from our site this has an option for this

Reviews: 1
This is a great module which I use for my sponsors for the sportclub. There is only one issue that I hope that it will be solved in the future. When You use this module with other modules that used mootools, the mootools modules doesn't work anymore.

Owner's reply

Please Download the latest version from our site this version has an option to exclude our jquery load 2nd time so this propably will solve you problem .
If your problem is not solved please open a ticket so we can check.

Reviews: 1
Simple to install, simple to use and with great support. A joy to use.
Reviews: 10
When a working version for Joomla 1.7?
The module is really cool. I'd like to use in my webpage.
Owner's reply

You can download From our site the latest version is 100% working on 1.7
If you face any problem you can open free off charge a support ticket to our clients support system.

Reviews: 3
Thanks for the great extension! I have had months of trouble with modules clashing on my site and have finally found one that works with everything! I have replaced all my the image "scroller" on my site with this one. The module is easy to use and the help is A + and efficient. Thanks guys for a wonderfull extension!
Reviews: 1
I had to adjust my css style on my site to adjust the slideshow to match my visual style but the trouble was worth!!
Very helpful developers
Reviews: 1
After trying several extensions I've stumbled upon this one and found it to do exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 1
This module is ideal for displaying Partners logos
Maybe the developers should change the name of module to logo_scroller :)
Links open in new window
I contact the developers and informed me that in new version will also has an option for links to open in same window.
Reviews: 4
Not as expected. Reading the review seems fine... but when configuring there's lot of error.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module. Installed easily and works perfectly. Fast response from the developer.

I am just waiting for the auto-scroll integration that will be in the next release.
Reviews: 2
I personally found that this module is ideal for use to show your customers or your partners logos on your site. Very easy to use.
I think is very usefull.

Ps:I asked for some help ad they reply very fast.
Reviews: 1
I use it on my two websites. Very beautiful and cool extension. Must have!
Reviews: 1
It's good module, but don't work in IE6...
Owner's reply

Thanks for the information
Yes we have not try in IE6 becouse we do not have IE6 in our office.

we will try to reproduse the problem and if possible to correct it in future version

if you want you can post a ticket for free in our website with a print screen or with the url of your site

We will be huppy to assist you

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