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Smart Slider 2 by Nextend is the perfect all-in-one slider solution for Joomla, that contains 4 slider type and it's totally RESPONSIVE!


Smart Slider 2 trial is NOT made to use on live site, it is tech demo, which allows you to try most (but not all) of the features of Smart Slider 2.


Smart Slider 2 comes with a reliable, flexible and intuitive interface for backend, which makes easy for anyone to design beautiful sliders in minutes. Grab a new layer, move it on the canvas, finally drag&drop some items with your mouse and your slide is ready. You can choose from a range of items (text, image, video, iframe, flip, caption, fade, tag, HTML etc.), and customize them without HTML or CSS knowledge. Change color, font, background, link, position, size, etc...

* 5 slider types: Simple, Showcase, Full page, Horizontal Accordion and Vertical Accordion
* 2D and 3D main animations: fade, horizontal, vertical, skitter, parallax and so on...
* Layer animations - animate every layer with the 25 layer animation
* Items - your displayable content (heading, image, video and any kind of custom HTML content)
* Improved responsive mode with instant loading - works fine on smart phones and tablets.
* Intuitive user interface for slide creation with live preview
* Slider generator - more below
* Widgets to customize the sliders: upgrade your slider with important features, like arrows, autoplay buttons, thumbnails, dots. It offers 8 main widget areas, which areas also has lot of customizable options. (arrow image, position for the arrows, background, etc…)
* Slide layout creator - save and load predefined slide templates which contains layers and items
* Import and Export feature (with all of our demo)
* etc...

Smart Slider 2 has an incredible powerful feature: the generator system. You can automate your slider and create a fully dynamic content from integrated components and also social sites:
* Images from folder slider
* Joomla article slider
* K2 slider
* Cobalt CCK slider
* Zoo slider
* VirtueMart 2 slider
* redSHOP slider
* JoomShopping slider
* MijoShop slider
* Ignite gallery slider
* Phoca gallery slider
* Facebook slider
* Twitter slider
* Instagram slider
* Flickr slider
* YouTube slider
Need more? Write us and we will help!

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with Smart Slider, you need a solution as soon as possible.
* Complete detailed documentation with videos
* Tutorial videos

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Reviews: 3
I really wish I could give this extension even more stars.

I've tried allot of extensions over the years and now with Joomla 3.0 allot has changed. A week ago I found Smart Slider 2. It looked amazing, like many extensions do. But in most cases you have to be a wizard to make something look as good as the example they gave when you bought it. In this case there was a video showing me I could do the same cool stuff they did on my own.

I love to make websites and picked a license for 5 websites. The price was normal, maybe even low if you think about all the work that has to go into such a project.

After a couple of hours playing with the slider I wanted to make the slider the width of the page. Problem was that my template wasn't made for this. I asked support (Roland) and he did a AMAZING job. He helped me fix everything and even recorded the steps so I could learn what to do next time I'm in this mess.

The best part about this is that the wait didn't take months, weeks, days (like I mostly get from paid extensions) but just a matter of MINUTES, indeed he just gave me support constantly. It was almost like a chatbox. Each little thing I wanted to change he just did it and asked if I was satisfied. (I did contact him during business hours, so don't think he will answer while he is sleeping, although maybe he will)

There is just no better slider on this market and especially not with this amount of support. I can just go on and on about this extension and Roland.

He made my day and the people I'm building the website for are going to be very happy.

Just take a look at the demo and you will see what is so great about this extension!
Reviews: 2
A couple of months ago I was looking for an article slider which supports Cobalt CCK and Ken Burns transitions. After watching their wonderful online demos, I contacted Nextend and they promised me to include it in their next version, Smart Slider 2. As they did. Today I purchased the product. Shortly I discovered there was something wrong with the output. I contacted them by mail and didn't expect a response until after the weekend. However, both Daniel and Roland responded swiftly and sorted out the issue in no time. So it's very simple: product/support = 10/10!
Reviews: 4
I used and enjoyed the original Smart Slider. Smart Slider 2 has gone to a whole 'nother level. It can handle all the standard items any other slider does, but it rises above all others in its flexibility and ability to generate slides from content, other components, etc.

And it's responsive, so that it scales to look great on any size device.

The development team/support staff are great to work with. They go above and beyond in listening to users' requests and helping with any problems.

You will not be disappointed in this incredible extension!

Reviews: 5
I used Smart Slider 1 on two sites. One on turist portal and one on news portal. Now is released Smart slider 2 with lot more possibilities. Slider is responsive. I can do with this slider everything, only your imagination is limit..At end support is fast, and for me that`s important
Reviews: 4
This is one of easiest to use and configure to use for just basic users that only manage content.

It has a lots of various slider configurations and individual slide layout of options. It works well with the responsive and mobile designs I worked with so far too.

Support wise, they are on the ball. I found a bug due to a conflict with another extension. Within 2 e-mails, I had a fix.

I like that they give you an option for a lifetime purchase for both Joomla and WordPress and with unlimited domains.
Reviews: 1
very good module, i use because it has an integration with cobalt ckk and it is very powerfull and very stable
great design and support is amazing
Reviews: 23
Lot of possibility, Very nice looking slider, Simple to use, and for me most important-fast and good support
Reviews: 10
There's a saying, 'Don't just be great, be exceptional.' Well, the team at Nextend has done just that. This Smart Slider is so incredibly powerful, it's worth every penny. I purchased the lifetime subscription and know I won't have to be concerned with finding a great slideshow anymore.

My user level with Joomla is average after building about 50 sites since Joomla 1.5, so I've definitely seen my share of bad extensions with bad support.

Thanks Nextend for being exceptional! Twenty thumbs up if I could -
Reviews: 1
This is a very versatile and easy to customize slider. The support staff responds in a very timely manner and works hard to resolve any problems or questions. They have gone beyond the usual customer support to help me get my site looking the way I want it.
Reviews: 2
i didnt expect that this extension will be very useful to me. i've been using Smart Slider on 3 of my websites. its one of my fav extension. Good luck guys...
Reviews: 1
Love this product and techsupport! They resolved an issue within a very short period of time. Unbelievable! They even helped me to set up panorama on my website!
5+ stars
Would buy again in a heartbeat.
Keep up the good work, guys!
Reviews: 4
Nice looking extension with lots of different designs, it is fully functional and very complex, the only downside is the setup process I found it kind of complex, but when you figure it out how it works it's a great piece of software!
Also fast support, these guys know what they're doing, they deserve all the best.
Reviews: 2
All I was expecting is a few nudges in the right direction to my problem, instead Roland just fixed it. Fast and unreal support. Get help from the guy that wrote the extension. Super cool.

This slider works very well in a variety of settings. Easily organize a complex slider with lots of content.

They keep improving the product which is really nice. The responsive functionality works quite well, even on a slider with 60+ slides and subslides.
Reviews: 12
It is absolutely magical expansion! An incredible opportunity, and lightning support! SUPER!!!
Reviews: 6
very good module, would need more layout for display several news by banner
cobalt cck integration work fine
Owner's reply


first of all thanks for the good review. In real we work hard on a new version of Smart Slider which will support a new layout editor. With the helps of it you will be able to create own layouts with layers. It'll be a totally new technology, nobody has seen thing which is similar to this! I can tell you right now the biggest news is going to be the new graphic interface. Never has it been so easy to create and manage the slides, also the best part for you is the different component integrations such as CCK.

Nextend Team

Reviews: 34
I love them, their support is amazing and the cobalt cck integration is very good
thank you
Reviews: 11
With Joomla extentions, you never know what kind of support you are going to get when you buy a product from someone. I've had horrible experiences and great experiences. Nextendweb, fortunately has amazing support!

There were a few tweaks I needed to it to make this slider work for my needs. Oftentimes when you request new features to a software company, they just say they will put it on their todo list, which means it won't get done for a while. Thanks to Daniel there, he went ahead and added the features I needed to the software the next day.
Reviews: 9
We have worked with lots of joomla development teams and support teams and I have to say that this is one of the best and quickest support that we ever had.
The product is very well developed and documented and fits very well in any usage, even loaded as a module will make it work like a full featured component.
Further Roland fixed everything in matter of hours, even adding features to fit our installation, and with quick understanding of what needed to be done.
I would recommend purchase of this and long term support of this excellent team.
Reviews: 5
Not only does this slider offer a lot of options it makes setting up the slides and multiple sliders much easier.

The support is tops. They helped me customize options to meet my needs providing support that basically had nothing to do with how to install or configure the module itself but how to tweak it beyond the default options.

Highly recommended. You will enjoy using this software and it will make your site look good.
Reviews: 2
I had problems with my installation. Roland has fixed all the problems with teamviewer.
I had delays with joomla and he tried to help me.
I would recommend this product and I once again thank Roland
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