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Smart Slider 2 by Nextend is the perfect all-in-one slider solution for Joomla, that contains 4 slider type and it's totally RESPONSIVE!


Smart Slider 2 trial is NOT made to use on live site, it is tech demo, which allows you to try most (but not all) of the features of Smart Slider 2.


Smart Slider 2 comes with a reliable, flexible and intuitive interface for backend, which makes easy for anyone to design beautiful sliders in minutes. Grab a new layer, move it on the canvas, finally drag&drop some items with your mouse and your slide is ready. You can choose from a range of items (text, image, video, iframe, flip, caption, fade, tag, HTML etc.), and customize them without HTML or CSS knowledge. Change color, font, background, link, position, size, etc...

* 5 slider types: Simple, Showcase, Full page, Horizontal Accordion and Vertical Accordion
* 2D and 3D main animations: fade, horizontal, vertical, skitter, parallax and so on...
* Layer animations - animate every layer with the 25 layer animation
* Items - your displayable content (heading, image, video and any kind of custom HTML content)
* Improved responsive mode with instant loading - works fine on smart phones and tablets.
* Intuitive user interface for slide creation with live preview
* Slider generator - more below
* Widgets to customize the sliders: upgrade your slider with important features, like arrows, autoplay buttons, thumbnails, dots. It offers 8 main widget areas, which areas also has lot of customizable options. (arrow image, position for the arrows, background, etc…)
* Slide layout creator - save and load predefined slide templates which contains layers and items
* Import and Export feature (with all of our demo)
* etc...

Smart Slider 2 has an incredible powerful feature: the generator system. You can automate your slider and create a fully dynamic content from integrated components and also social sites:
* Images from folder slider
* Joomla article slider
* K2 slider
* Cobalt CCK slider
* Zoo slider
* VirtueMart 2 slider
* redSHOP slider
* JoomShopping slider
* MijoShop slider
* Ignite gallery slider
* Phoca gallery slider
* Facebook slider
* Twitter slider
* Instagram slider
* Flickr slider
* YouTube slider
Need more? Write us and we will help!

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with Smart Slider, you need a solution as soon as possible.
* Complete detailed documentation with videos
* Tutorial videos

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Reviews: 1
This is the best designed extension I have seen for Joomla. Very easy to use, fantastic features, and great support. Thank you for creating this. I has made my life much easier.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module, It's easy to install and use, also The price is very fair. The only thing is the support is kinda poor and slow.
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had bad experience with our support speed. We always try to help for everyone immediately after we receive the email about the problem. On workdays it goes faster than on weekends, but sometimes we work on that days too.
We can't afford to let you guys down, you can count us if you have any problem.

So I am happy that we made a slider extension for Joomla, which meets your needs and helps you on your great sites and I am happy that you share your pleasures, your problems and your great ideas with us. Keep up the good work and feel free to contanct us with our support channel!

Reviews: 1
There is a lot of Slider/Tab component out there ! And some pretty good one too (Gavick Pro, the Yoo-Carousel, etc...)

Most of them let you embed content, articles, code, etc... but all of them will have their restriction at some point (not been able to embed video, pictures, etc...).

Well Smart Slider just seems to have ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES ! It took me so long to find a component that could easily embed videos, pictures, articles, modules and etc...

The back-end is SUPER easy to use, very userfrendly, beautifully design. Do you know a component that let you preview the modification your doing LIVE right from the BACK-END ? Well Smart Slider actually does that !

Really, this component is worth the small cost ! It's time saving and it has endless possibilities to offer !

Great component !
Reviews: 3
I've been having a hard time finding any good joomla components lately. And the same goes for sliders, I've been going back and forth between 2 sliders for the past year. Both had major issues.

So I was a little anxious to buy a new component. But this has revived my hope for joomla in general.
It works just perfectly, and most importantly in all browsers. It's cachable. And highly customizable.
And to top it off, support couldn't be any better.
Reviews: 2
There were a couple of hiccups getting this installed, but the support was fantastic to get it going correctly. I really like the setup of the parameters and the most amazing thing is that you have a preview in the configuration area so that you can see every change immediately without having to save then view your actual website. The default templates are great for picture and text. These guys did a great job.
Reviews: 1
It is the best slider in this page, like a toy for the Joomla users. I mean, I didn't feel that I work during the editing.
Noticable that the developer was working a plenty of time to create a great extension and I see that every piece of the slider was planned.
Personally I think that in these days, Roland has the best sence for designing in Joomla. The themes are also fantastic!
Good luck in the future and thanks again for this great component.
Reviews: 10
If only all components were written with this much attention to detail and beauty. This is an excellent component and well worth the $. Fantastic job developers!!
Reviews: 2
These guys give fantastic support, and the slider is fantastic!
Reviews: 3
Had the extension working within minutes. I did have a couple of configuration questions and both were answered immediately. Great extension and support.
Reviews: 23
I purchased this slider today and the amount of features it has are great. The great support also follows with fast replies.

Reviews: 39
Very good work. Slider can use for article, video, image, products... And is working fine, continually. Support is great , and what need more !
Reviews: 46
Amazing Slider !!!
So many options to choose from.
The layouts that are included are perfect yet simple to setup.
Its very intuitive to use as well, didn't even need to read the manual as its straight forward.
One of the best sliders for Joomla and from previous experience the support from the Developer is Amazing too.
Fantastic Extension !
Reviews: 4
I have used their accordion menu and now smart slider. great work David and team. As a developer i go for selected extensions. this guys has written the extension very clearly. their support is awesome. support this guys they will be one of the best extension developers in future.
Reviews: 1
I've tried many animated sliders and this one by far excels over all of them. Not only is it the best extension of its kind, its the most flexible one as well. The extension allows me to either show images only, images and text, animate text and there is a wide selection of transitions available as well. However one of the biggest factor in selecting an extension to use on your site is knowing that support is there when you need it. The support these guys have is amazing. Its like the developer is sitting right there beside you. The support is that good and so is this product. It'll be the only extension I'll go with when I'm developing and need something of this nature.

Reviews: 1
This slider is by far the best I have seen for Joomla. I spent a good few days searching around and this one blows the ones I found out of the water.

I have received constant support from Offlajn and they have been a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Reviews: 1
Cannot describe my great experience with this unbelievably easy to use Component.
I have been working with this component for over 2 months, the offlajn team surprised me with the high level of professionalism, immediate response
tailored changes for my needs and after all you get spoiled where you get to the extent to wish others can match that in support level.
Again I am extremely happy with Smart Slider, it is a toy with high flexibility, as much as it is easy to use you enjoy the sophistication that is offered inside. GUI very nicely designed, you do not need to have any level of knowledge in Joomla yet can do with it very eye catching stuff that even Pro cannot do without it.
No matter what I say unless you try it you will not believe the enjoyment I an experiencing with it, the Smart Slider is a great Module generating component for Iphone and IPAD, your site visitors will enjoy playing with it and most important it is not Flash yet can supersedes what Flash can do.
Finally my utmost appreciation to the offlajn team (specially Mr. Roland Soos) , keep it up that way your stuff was a dream to me that came true.

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