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ShowMB Template Slide Module

Autosize Slideshow photo gallery based on jquery, with thumbnails strip and navigation toolbar.

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Reviews: 3
In the description, it is said that the module can read images from a folder: it is not true, you have to enter each image manually. I had to modify the code to list the images from a folder.
Too, i had to modify the js in order to get the images centered horizontally, and to get the thumb's ribbon outside of the box and not *inside the images*.
So, for the time, it is a yet promising module in beta, on my opinion.
Reviews: 6
I like the module and the potentiality (in particular autofit and caption that appear-disappear) passing in the image, but I would say that it could be a beta version. I get a lot of errors, conflict with my jquery menu, there is no documentation at all and in their website no way to contact. Also the selection of the pictures is not easy, you have to manually copy and paste each path, and the parameters in the backend are not intuitive and there is no tooltip and as I said no documentation. It would be also nice to have some more option, like putting the controls on top instead of the bottom, chose the width of the caption, etc. I would use this module at the final stadium, but at this point it's still too poor.
Owner's reply

The author's email address is clearly shown at the beginning of the php module, this is a rule of JED ..... you should know what you use ....