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JG SlideShows Pack ComponentModulePlugin

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JG SlideShow in short JGSS is the ultimate collection of the most used Slideshows in market with their full options and abilites to create Slideshows from many sources.

The SlideShows included are:

Nivo Slider
Anything Slider
Slide Deck
S3 Slider

JGSS has a powerful builtin Gallery system to create your sliding content while it also can create slideshows from core Joomla content K2 and Virtuemart version 1.

JGSS comes as a component plugin and module trio which allows you to publish your slideshows in any place of your site!

Version 1.1
-- Made it as an auto installer so no more installing module and plugin separately
-- Plugin is a system plugin now so works on all components with WYSIWYG Editors
-- Fixed timthumb error on file names with spaces
-- Minor Bug fixes
Version 1.1.1
-- Added Slideshow From Folder Support

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Reviews: 1
This slideshow looks great but I can't get it to work at all on my server. It may be a small fix but the Support Forum is no longer up, there are a few video tutorials on the site but no written documentation and I have had no response at all from emails I have sent to support. So if it works for you out of the box then it is probably great but if you run into any problems you may be out of luck :(
Reviews: 4
Very affordable but solid. Great license for multiple sites & developers.

Easy to setup, and pretty configurable via the web administration.

I found lacking the inability to adjust the time/speed of the slides. I had to crack open a PHP file to adjust that. The default 2.5 seconds was just too short. 3 to 3.5 is more ideal I think.

It wouldn't hurt to add WYSIWYG editor capability to the individual slide text boxes. I can hand code HTML into it, but that isn't great for my clients that don't know HTML code.

Lastly, I think adding the ability to more easily customize the CSS/look & feel of the slide shows colors via the web administration should be the next major feature added. That's pretty common among the other major sliders out there.

Documentation was mostly video but it is so simple that text might be overkill but still would be nice.

The developer directs you to the forum for support. However it doesn't look like he is answering questions. Long term that will be an issue and always puts doubt on the longevity of a project's viability.

Otherwise, a very good start.
Reviews: 2
After extensive testing i have just one word to say... Excellent! Very Promising and easy to use... Tested and working like charm in IE7, IE8 and IE9...
Reviews: 1
Did not work on IE8, I hope you will fix this in next version, because IE8 should be supported.
Owner's reply

Our extension works with IE7+ I we wish you had contacted us with your issue. As it seems you wished to write here instead of writing to us as you were aiming for something else.

Reviews: 3
I was struggling to get my article slideshow plugins to work with another great new plugin (FullAjax for joomla) but it was hopeless. Until i bought your slideshow. Worked out of the box!! The least i could do is add this review :)
Great job highly recommend it. I am looking at your other stuff now.
Reviews: 11
The solution was just a click away.
The support found it via remote desktop.
Good support starts in small detail.

The slideshows now are working pretty well. I love the integration with K2 articles/pictures and to view the pictures direct out of folders.
Reviews: 3
This slideshow is very powerful when compared to most others. It was easy to install and configure and the results were stellar. I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
This is my first review for a extension. It is very easy to use and it has lots of funtionality. Thanks for good work...
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this extension .Most of our art directors use slideshows in web side interface designs . Maybe it is easy for them but it is time killing for our coder team.
It is easy to configure with extension.
I realy recommend this extension to anyone that use slideshows in their web sites.
Reviews: 1
Seems like my client's all want a slideshow on their sites, the big problem is they all want it to be slightly different based on the customer this plugin rocks cause I can offer all the different slideshows my client's want and still keep time on my side by only having to know how to configure one plugin!

Well worth the investment!
Reviews: 1
This package is easy to install, has some extensive options for tweaking, and most of all it didn't cause any conflicts with my current setup. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Reviews: 3

I liked the job you have done it is easy and manageable. It went easy on installation and usage. I am waiting for more plugins support and more slideshows added to this awesome extension.

Keep up the good Work!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your nice words. We are working on other components as well to support them with JGSS. Also we are going to add some more slider options as well but it takes time :-)

Again thanks for the review it is appreciated.

JG Team