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BonckoJSlide Plugin

BonckoJSlide enable you to add Pure Javascript Photo gallery (Galleria) to your site.You can show your photos stored on local file system and on the most popular mediasharing sites Picasa, Flickr,Instagram . BonckoJSlide simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices!!
Just add bonckotag on your article and nothing else!!

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Reviews: 1
This is really nice plugin, easy to install and easy to use. Only one problem is with captions because there isn't any information how to make captions for images and plugin shows image name as caption (it's bad for language with diacritic).
Owner's reply

You can find every info about customization in docs on my site

Reviews: 9
I have to say that BonckoJSlide is a very good plugin with high potential.

Very simple install and documentation.

I had an issue with images ordering, but the response of developer was imidiate.

I didnt mention any kind of of high cpu usage, or any other kind of delays.

Keep up, keep open!
Reviews: 8
This extension will eat all your server CPU Usage/bandwidth.
Try to open develop site to contact but the site usually get "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded", i think cause of this extensions.
I try with 50 picture then after install the extension made copy of the picture till 180 picture
Owner's reply

i don't know how you can say the my plugin eat cpu.
I'm sorry for Bandwidth Limit Exceeded i m going to solve the problem resulted from increasing visits . You can contact me at if you like.