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Image & Content GridNavigation ComponentModule

The Image & Content gridnavigation extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description. And also you can open image in light box effect.
Module Parameters:
- Unlimited Images
- Image Link Type (Article Link, Menu Link, External Link)
- Number of Rows
- Insert comma seperated Ids of Images
- Number of Images per Row
- Thumbnail Height
- Thumbnail Width
- Show Title
- Show Description
- Display Image in popup
- Navigation effect (Default, Fade, Sequential Fade, Move/Fade, Sequential Move/Fade, Sequential Move/Fade Reversed, Resize Show/Hide, Rows Move, Disperse)

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Reviews: 5
I spent 10 days trying different mobile-compliant, browser compatible (especially that knarly IE9) display extensions for a Joomla 2.5+ gallery site that I'm working on and repeatedly found issues with each extension that I purchased (I'm still waiting for a refund from one).

THIS NO FLASH EXTENSION IS WONDERFUL (they use jQuery and Javascript). Worth far more than they're charging (around $17), this company - based in India - is new to me (hence no Reviews yet) but once you all catch on, they will become a reliable source for creative extensions that work.

I hammered InfoSoft with questions BEFORE I purchased the GRID and Rushabh Patel of Siddhi InfoSoft patiently answered my questions one by one because they did not have enough documentation posted...simple information like, Is it Mobile Compatible (it is), Browser Safe (so far, yes), etc.

FYI: After purchasing you will get download link to download the product zip. Extract the zip file, which contains 1.5, 1.7 & 2.5 Joomla versions, and inside those you will get a documentation doc file.

And, because they are new, they only have a fledging Forum. I posted my questions there originally and anyone who does have questions should do the same so their Forum will become more helpful.

In the interim, I cannot believe how they quickly addressed & solved every single tweak needed for my environment. So.
--Great Support but remember they're based in India (Time zone).
--The admin area is simple and effective.
--If you want attractive thumbs that can link to various destinations, show Title info AND can optionally open in a Lightbox effect, this is the only extension I know of that accomplishes this.

Great job, Siddhi InfoSoft!