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Unite Nivo Slider is a Nivo Slider extension for Joomla. It consists of a module and a component for maximum convenience, and has all the features that the original Nivo Slider js plugin has.

Also, it is "pure" coding without any links back or author trademarks in the code. You may use it freely on your website without any worries for hidden content.

It's very friendly to designers and coders, since you can create your custom Nivo Slider theme, and the module will detect it automatically.
The js slider plugin is created by dev7studios (, many thanks
to the author.

Important to mention unite nivo slider is a responsive slider that will work with all your responsive websites.

The UniteCMS team provides full support on every bug you may find, as well as any updates or requests you may have, so don't be hesitate to write us your requests in the comments section bellow, or on the website.

For any kind of support please open a support ticket at:

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Reviews: 1
Says it all - simple and brilliant. No problems installing or using and I had a slider working within minutes.
Reviews: 3
I've been looking al long tome for a good slider and now I've found it: Unite Nivo Slider! Easy to install and tweak. And even more important great, fast support by Max.
Reviews: 1
The developer has made nice use of the Nivo slider implementation. It is quick and easy to set up.
They also provide a component which allows for multiple instances and categories for the module.
Support: Very good. Had an issue with the jQuery between the slider and the Shape 5 Menu. Was solved within 6 hours given the time difference.
Reviews: 1
Excellent support and very good module.
I been looking and testing for a good slider and this is very easy to use, nice design,options and easy configuration.
I had a conflict with jquery menu and the support was perfect, very fast, and solved in a moment!
Good job!
Reviews: 1
The extension is very easy to use and very helpful. The developers offer an excellent and quick support. I installed it and I had a problem caused by an incompatibility with a template and I wrote to developers and now I can confirm the excellence of the support that they offers.
Reviews: 1
Dear all,

I've got the pleasure to ask for support for a particular effect using Unite Nivo Slider module. Unite Nivo and particularly Amit gave me a brilliant solution to my question. Now I have a excellent implementation of a background image with the slider that run within it with a professional look and result. I suggest to all to try and buy Unite Components and Modules. My compliments again !!
Reviews: 1
The only thing better than this extension was the technical support I received when I ran into a problem getting it to work. They took the time to seriously analyze the problem and discovered it was an issue with my web host. The extension works beautifully, and I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I needed an image slider that had a number of display features, flexible and simple to install and setup. I tried the Unite Nivo free extension and liked the way the system was designed with a module for template position assignment and component that allowed me to setup a slide name with any number of images associated with the name. Works much similar to named category of articles. I did experience a problem with the images displaying correctly and sent a message to the Unite Nivo support team. The best part of the experience was working with the Unite Nivo support team and the instance response to the issue and resolution to the problem. After the problem was reviewed by Unite support team, within a short period of time, the problem was resolved and the Unite Nivo program worked great. I plan to purchase the Unite Nivo Pro version for many additional features and options that are not available with the free version. I strongly recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
This slider was just what I needed. Some nice tranditions. Easy to setup. Even easy to tweak.
Reviews: 51
We're a volunteer driven diving club, and have no money, but we need to thank our sponsors properly.
This module/component combination does just that for us.
Very nice transitions, very easy setup, and extremely good support on the few quirks we encountered in our context!
Reviews: 1
installed with no problem , backend is so friendly. but the problem now in the frontend, the effects is not working as expected , hangs most of the time. i don't think its related to jquery confliction. tested on FF , Chrome and IE, same problem. hope developers can fix it in the next version.
Owner's reply

Hi. You must be mistaken. It just can't be that way. This is ordinary nivo slider, that work fine, and was used in millions of websites. We just made a comfortable backend. Anyway, please send you website url, I'll look at it and try to understand what's the issue, and how can we handle it.

Reviews: 2
I've been using sliders in the past 4 years in my websites (1000+), and they all had some limits, up until I came across the Unite Nivo Slider. A COMPLETE slider with all the possible adjustments and tweaks. I highly recommend!!!
Reviews: 1
One of the best made extensions I have used, easy to configure but still enables advanced customization. Love it!
Reviews: 1
Very nice done module, looks very professional and works great as needed. The design is beautiful, and the usage is very simple to figure out.
Reviews: 1
I can prepare every slide separately. very good nivo slider.
Reviews: 7
Yowza! This is a beautiful slideshow. It has awesome theme options and slide effects. I haven't ran into compatability issues yet and doesn't seem to be too resource heavy.

Best I've seen for slide shows and I've been around for a little while.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a good slider for some time, and I was extremely impressed given that this is a new extension in the Joomla Extension directory. Installation and management was smooth and straightforward.

I initially had trouble getting the slider to work, but after some digging, I discovered that two other modules on my site were also trying to use an older version of Jquery simultaneously and causing a conflict. After manually updating the Jquery for those other modules everything was working.
Reviews: 2
Finally the best nivo for joomla this will be a popular mod. Simple and clean.
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