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Slideshow CK Popular Module

Slideshow CK can display images or videos with links with nice effects. It is mobile compatible and responsive design, and you can add unlimited slides with a Drag & Drop admin interface.

List of features :
- Unlimited slides
- Ergonomic admin interface with Drag & Drop
- Can display images or videos
- Multiple options to congifure the slideshow
- Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers
- Responsive design (adapts the image to the width of the container)
- Multiple skins
- You can add a link on any slide
- Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
- Compatible RTL direction
- Normal or random order for images display
- You can add params to video url (&rel=0 for example)
- options to set the thumbnails height and width
- you can load any article in the caption
- many fields to set the caption styles
- possibility to set a specific time for each slide
- option to load the images from a folder (with the plugin slideshow params)
- options to open the links in a Lightbox (with the plugin slideshow params)
- compatible with Virtuemart (needs the plugin Slideshow CK Virtuemart)
- autoload images from article categories

It is based on the script Camera from Pixedelic :

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Reviews: 4
Simply the best module I've ever seen bar none! I've never written a review so fast before in my life.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Works great, easy to install, free, etc. ! Must have !!!
Reviews: 1
This Module worked very well for me. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a easy to use slideshow module
Reviews: 11
This is a brilliant extension. I was having trouble with a slider extension not loading on my live site and was under pressure to get it working. I eventually gave up on it and Installed this slideshow ck extension instead and everything worked perfectly. Was quick to install and easy to use. I will definately be using this in future!
Reviews: 2
This is arguably the best Joomla slideshow module out there. I tried many of them. You can always argue about the design, but this one is very stable, responsive, works with videos as well,...
Moreover, the author takes good care of his product and updates it regularly. I had an issue with jQuery 1.9.1. Overnight he adjusted the module code and created a new version which worked perfectly.
I can recommend to all others to use it and buy plugin for very little fee to support the project.
Reviews: 3
I've tried two other gallery extensions before Slideshow CK and this is the one I'm sticking with. It was easy to implement and works flawlessly. It took some experimentation to get the styling options to work as I wanted (probably due more to my inexperience than any fault of the module) but otherwise a very successful gallery. My site is pretty text-heavy, and I use Slideshow CK to add random images to articles for graphic interest.

Overall a simple and effective module. Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 1
This module, it's complete in itself, i really liked it, and this is my first review of something on all J Extensions just to show how much i appreciated this.
Reviews: 4
I don't know I have quickly checked the support and the only similar issue I found there is falang with this slideshow ck. Mine is with joomfish, I absolutely cannot translate this module with joomfish the buttons save, save&close and cancel become useless (it works fine with any other module...). Well I will post on the forum to see if anyone can helps, otherwise it's one of the best extension I have tested in 3 years!
Reviews: 1
For me, it's the most esthetic et customizable one. (forgive my english, I'm french). Works perfectly and first and formost, the support is really nice. When I got a Jquery problem with my template, I received the solution the same day.
I'd just like, for the next update, to allow users to have fullsceen overlay when they clic on a picture.
Thanks to Cedric for this wonderfull extension.
Reviews: 5
i really love this one among others

first of all :
it's free
it's the best free
also it stands in a high rank even in commercial ones

but i wish to see this features in future releases:
1- more caption options
like: resizable captions , ability to choose caption place in slide (i mean with just adding x y nums) , different shapes , caption font size and effect with user friendly options

2- ability to show two or more pictures with every picture own caption in one slide

3- customizable pagination and navigation in control panel

4- adding base compononet and setting slides there , then call back them with simple modules in wherever in site

5- one good thing for having component is capturing the clicks made on the slides , so we can find out which slide had been more attractive for users and we can then make more of them

6- ability to show picture and article mixing , like one picture with it's own caption on the left side , and to articles that share the space , place on the right side , number of articles and pictures and their position on slide would be editable

anyway , even without the above features , still your work is great and i suggest it to whoever that look for a beautiful slideshow even in backend

thank you so much
Reviews: 1
After trying several slideshow modules, I finally found the module that fit at the best with my needs. Easy to install, straight away to set and great results.
It is really a wonderful extension.
Reviews: 4
This is exactly what I was looking for. I only wanted a simple fading slideshow of images which was responsive and this does exactly a whole lot more which will be great for use on other sites.
It is really easy to setup and configure, I had it working in no time.
Spent a few extra dollars for the documentation.
Thanks for this awesome module. :)
Reviews: 8
I have this module installed on 2 websites and I love it. It has lots of customizable features. I like that it sizes automatically for mobile devices.
It has some lovely designs if you get the extra library.
There are few bits and pieces that don't seem to function, like separate tittle and description and some font options.
It is definitely worth checking out.
Reviews: 1
Having been frustrated with so many other slideshow modules (most of them I paid for), Slideshow CK is the best I've tried. Had a minor problem with installation and the support team were right onto it with a solution. Great module!
Reviews: 1
Absolute Best Slidehow module. Nice administration and features.
Great job. Big thx!
Reviews: 2
Wonderful slideshow. Can be as elegant or simple as you want. Works out of the package and instructions are clear. Detailed instructions are consistent with the rest of CK's offerings--this makes it easier to set up if you have his other products but may not be as intuitive if you did not.
Reviews: 12
On the whole this s a great extension but there are a few things that can be better!

1.Having a different folder for thumbnail images because, if you have another gallery extension using the same image folder. It will thumbnail images created by this extension.

2.Having the main image load 1st instead of the thumbnails because,the way thumbnail loads looks like there's an error with website
Reviews: 7
We looked at a lot of extensions for our slideshow, and this was the best. We had one minor issue when installing due to a conflict with our template, and the support was extremely quick and accurate. Highly recommend this!
Reviews: 1
SlideshowCK is the best free slideshow module I have used. No registration is required to download the extension, and installation is simple. The interface is clear and direct and includes the option to drag images into the preferred order.

Setting parameters and customizing the details are also easy to do. I have used this on several websites and love it. It is also simple enough for a non-technical user to manage.

Thanks for this wonderful extension!
Reviews: 2
2 min's of installing, 2 min's of implementation of this wonderful Extension - who actually also works with Responsive Design.

I'm impressed - max. stars from here :-D
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