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Slideshow CK Popular Module

Slideshow CK can display images or videos with links with nice effects. It is mobile compatible and responsive design, and you can add unlimited slides with a Drag & Drop admin interface.

List of features :
- Unlimited slides
- Ergonomic admin interface with Drag & Drop
- Can display images or videos
- Multiple options to congifure the slideshow
- Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers
- Responsive design (adapts the image to the width of the container)
- Multiple skins
- You can add a link on any slide
- Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
- Compatible RTL direction
- Normal or random order for images display
- You can add params to video url (&rel=0 for example)
- options to set the thumbnails height and width
- you can load any article in the caption
- many fields to set the caption styles
- possibility to set a specific time for each slide
- option to load the images from a folder (with the plugin slideshow params)
- options to open the links in a Lightbox (with the plugin slideshow params)
- compatible with Virtuemart (needs the plugin Slideshow CK Virtuemart)
- autoload images from article categories

It is based on the script Camera from Pixedelic :

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Reviews: 4
This is an excellent slideshow.
And is a responsive web slideshow, so you can use it for your android and Iphone template !!!
Reviews: 3
thanks alot!
this is a very beautiful slideshow!
Reviews: 3
Yet another great extension from CK.
When you publish this module, you can immediately see how it works as it includes three preloaded images (which you can off course replace/delete). Setting parameters is simple and intuitive. Thank you very much CK!
Reviews: 1
Thank your for this good slideshow. The forum of the developer is very usefull and if you have a problem you will have a quick help !
Reviews: 2
This component is easy to use if you take the time to explore the sample that comes installed. There are lots of options, for both appearance and functionality.

A wish for a future release would be the ability to stop slideshow after one cycle. Or does it already have this feature and I am not seeing it.
Reviews: 14
I think this is my new favorite. It's simple to use. Does what you need.

The only thing I dont like is that it's got few "templates". I would like to see some more with shadows etc (or a tutorial on how to make your own). It seams straight forward, so I think I'll manage to make own templates.

The template "issue" isn't enough to lower the ratings. Still five stars.
Owner's reply

Thank you.
That's right, templates for the slideshow is a good idea, I'm working on this.
If you have some ideas on what you would like to have you can contact me

Reviews: 1
great job.. one of best slideshow for me.. just installed and started to use.. I d say excellent if I could change background or add background..
Reviews: 3
Great extension, but there's need that the developers make an option to set width and height.
Owner's reply

hey guy, look at the second screenshot, there are two fields ! 1 for height, 1 for width ! Is it so easy that you did not manage to do it ?? Open your eyes !

Reviews: 2

I am rating this fair (2 stars) even though I could not get this to work. I even disabled jsquery on other components/templates because I am aware of the potential conflict. Usually when I try a component/plugin/module I can at least get something, but this product -- nothing! Thus the 2 stars.

It looks good though on your website and the backend looks good.

I simply do not have the time (I already spent 2 hours on this) to make this work.

Looking on the forum I can see that there are many other people with the same difficulties. The module does not even show up.

But keep up the good work. I am sure when the bugs get worked out this will be a great tool.

Owner's reply

as you know joomla does not loads Jquery natively, so all extensions with jquery load its own file which causes some difficulties. Anyway I have a forum where I try to help solving these issues

Reviews: 5
I have looked for sometime for a slideshow that is responsive to different screen resolutions and here it is. What ba well built and easy to use module. Well done to you for creating something for the next stage of web design i.e. responsive templates.
Reviews: 1
This is a wonderful slideshow!
It is easy to use and have nice effects!
very very intuitive.

Surely,The best slideshow for free!!

... just wondering if and how is possible to show this module in an article...
Reviews: 4
This is one of the best extension I've ever seen, and best of all it is FREE, unlike other poor developed commercial extensions this extension has great design and very easy to use, the least thing I can do Is leave good feedback and thank to the developer for hes great work.
Keep up the good work Ced.
Owner's reply

Thank you ! I'm happy to see that people like my extension ;)

Reviews: 1
If I could give more then excellent, just in order to balance for all great reviews I've come across where the product has been useless. (I'm sorry to offend anyone)

This slider fits all needs, and all sizes. It's super-flexible.
The UI made me happy for real. This is a piece of work that really is made with love and is user friendly booth for novices and pros I'd say.

I've been looking for hours and testing different ones but this was heavenly!
Reviews: 1
I think I have tried all the possible slideshows and this is the only one that works nicely in any situation. Very easy to fix the parameters to avoid conflicts with other components (and I am far from an expert!). Congratulations and thanks a lot!
Reviews: 34
I am developing sites in Joomla for quite a while now and I always hate the fact that the width of a slideshow has to be set in pixels.

Most of the devolpers seem to be unaware that responsive webdesign and mobile websites are existing for quite a while now and that pixel width is bad, bad, bad.

So when I found this module, I was thinking "Yeah yeah, Another lie!".

But I downloaded the module and installed it in one of my sites.

First nice surprise is the backend. Easy as cake and very structured.

Second nice surprise was the fact that tere are already images activated, so one can see if it worls directly. Very well done!!!

So I tool one of mine pics outof a folder and, guess what!, the image was resized and it fitted per-fect-ly in the module. Even if the siize of the images was not right.


But there are more goodies to come :-)

I tested it on my samsung galaxy S2 and .... IT WORKS!

It works like a charm and one can use the buttons to navigate through the slideshow.

This is the best slideshow I've EVER seen!

Thank you so very much for developing this great extrensions and for the great job you did!

My deepest rrspect!

Best regards from Berlin (Germany),

Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 2
Slideshow CK is a simple, professional module with a good interface and options.

Reviews: 5
Very beautiful extension.
But there are many problems with IE9; I hope that C.K. will fix it.
Reviews: 12
At first I was a little bit skeptic about it - after so many disappointments, with free and paid extensions around. But this one proved me wrong, that still there is competent professionals.

The first two versions had some glitches, which was solved in a record time. Now I can easily say that this extension deserves the Excelente rating by far. The Excelent rating goes to the support as well.

I am using it for a racing car site and it fits like a charm, without any conflicts, working with images and videos. The most amazing thing about it is the "inteligence" of the slideshow for videos: any other extension that works with images and videos (the few ones that do it), can not have the "auto play" activated, or you will not be able to watch the video until the end, because it will skip automatically to the next slide. Slideshow CK stops the slideshow when you click on a video to watch, allowing you to watch it until the end - just amazing.

Cédric is very patience and responsive, also very polite.

I can not say anything negative about it, honestly.

The installation and configuartion is a walking in the park, no secrets, no surprises.

By far one of the best extensions I've been working with in these five years dealing with Joomla.

Keep up the great work, we are in need of professionals like you.
Reviews: 7
After trying 6 other slideshow modules today and 6 hours later, I was having a hard time to find a a non-commercial one that could give me a big banner slides that can be linked to other pages on the site, with smaller thumbnail previews underneath, without any conflicts or errors. I was very happy to find this wonderful module. It has ability to add links to the slides, thumbnail previews, sizing options and the ability to turn features on and off. There are a few other features that I have not used yet like video and captions. My experience was highly customizable easy to use and conflict free. There was no developer links or logos keeping my site clean and professional looking. This is defiantly now my favorite slideshow module. I have built over 30 Joomla sites and tried quite a few slide show modules in the past, while I have a few others that I really like for their own specific features such as different templates, drag and drop loading of images, tagging, this one is well rounded and has the features I consider must haves. Other useful features of this module were its drag and drop ordering and ability to add and remove slides with the add button and x button, and a little preview of the slide next to its configuration options.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great review :)

Reviews: 1
i used many slide show extensions but its great .
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