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Skitter Slideshow Module

The Only Image Slideshow with 40 Animations and you get 4 Module Modes in one Package : Manual Mode, Article Mode, Drag Drop AJAX Upload Mode, Folder Mode.

Why you should use it ?

Its the best Joomla Image Slideshow module to make your website look elegant and nice. Perfect addon for corporate websites, blog websites, news websites, magazine websites, sports, travel and finance websites, etc. This module is for you!
This supports 4 modes :

Manual Mode : You can define the images, labels and URLs for the slides manually.

Folder Mode : You just need to define the folder path and the slideshow will automatically pull images from that folder. This mode doesn't support URL and Labels.

Article Mode : You can simply select any category and the module will automatically pull the articles from that category, article image, article title and article intro text and show it on the slideshow.

Drag Drop AJAX Upload Mode : This is the most advanced mode, where you can drag and drop your images right from the Module Parameters screen and then define the Description, Label Title and slide destination URL as well.

▶ DEMO :


✔ Now compatible with iPhone and iPad
✔ Drag & Drop AJAX Image Upload
✔ Inbuilt 40 Animation Styles
✔ Comes with 4 Module Modes
✔ Compatible with all the 3rd party templates
✔ Multi Instance Slideshow Support
✔ Random Images Option
✔ Pull Images automatically from a folder
✔ Unlimited Image Slideshow
✔ Auto Start Slideshow ON/OFF
✔ Progress Bar ON/OFF
✔ Focus Slideshow ON/OFF
✔ Play/Pause Button
✔ Unlimited Images
✔ Ability to link the images
✔ Ability to Show thumbs or captions
✔ 5 pre-defined awesome fonts to select for captions
✔ Switch ON/OFF Captions.
✔ Switch ON/OFF Navigation
✔ Switch ON/OFF Slide Numbers
✔ Ability to show caption to the slideshow images
✔ Compatible with all the modern browsers
✔ Comes with clear documentation
✔ Article Support and auto Image Pull from the Selected Categories contents
✔ Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x , 2.5.x , 3.x.x , 3.2.x


☛  If you have any special requests regarding this extension, then feel free to email us at

We provide 24x7 technical support at Skype and our Helpdesk, . Please have patience, when you post a ticket with your question. Technical staff are human beings!

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Reviews: 2
The component is really exceptional. easy to set up after reading your manual usage that comes included in the paid version.
I had trouble just because despite displaying images on my desktop, I got the error on my clients because of a conflict between mootools and jscript.
Despite asking the support of developer support, not getting a quick response and they request information and User password, ftp account and other administrative information on my website, something that left me fearful for a component.
Reviews: 1
I really really really liked the demo of what this module has to offer in Joomla, everything I was looking for and more. Unfortunately I am using Joomla 3 and whilst it is 'supported', it lacks the same functionality and is still a work in progress (i.e. Folder support is not yet currently available in for Joomla 3). I think it would be wise to perhaps indicate that Joomla 3 is not fully supported with the 'promoted' functionality somewhere (ie. here on on their actual website).

Whilst initial support was quick, I was also offered a refund but have decided to wait it out. There seems to be 2 parties involved here, Joomlaclub and the developer doing the support? A random out of the blue email from Joomlaclub asked how my experience was since I'd bought the module in the 'last few months', when I'd only just bought it the day before.. I provided feedback and got a nice one line reply, so just a bit of fluff and no real interest (but granted emails are easily taken out of context).

The extension itself is quite expensive, however from what it offers to older Joomla versions I think it would be very worthwhile, but it's not worth the cash (in it's current state) for Joomla 3.

This will hopefully evolve and I hope that I am doing the right thing sticking with it for now.
Reviews: 5
It runs very fast and is very easy to setup.
I use it with Virtuemart without any problem.
Reviews: 1
I paid $35 for this extension last week, and it never worked for me. I emailed them for the solution, they don't reply me until now.
I tried to use the '24x7 technical support' link above. It links to anther website which provide online pc troubleshoot website, I asked them for support, but they know nothing about this extension. They told me, my computer has problem so that the extension can not run, (I have checked other computers, don't work either.) and they asked for remote control my computer . After that they tried to clean up my computer. Fortunately, I stopped it. My issue is, no images show up by the way.
Owner's reply

We dont have any order on your name . What was your ORDER ID and ticket ID ?

Please get in touch with and we will verify your purchase.

Looks like, you bought the extension from somewhere else and trying to accuse the wrong team. We dont have any online PC support website as well.

Reviews: 3
This was just what I needed, plus my client wanted a way to pause the slideshow and JoomClub added it for me in no time at all. I also had trouble getting the width of the slideshow right and again the support was excellent. Very happy!
Reviews: 8
Many animations, many options (navigation, labels, thumbs, width and height, fonts, load jquery or not, links…), multiple instances on same page, css file, regularly updated extension… and last but not least, good support. No regrets. I recommend It.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback!
We make sure, all of our customers are 100% satisfied, so all of our products are backed with 24x7 technical support, instant support and regular updates to stay bug free.

Reviews: 1
i really like this extension! everything works fine now for 2 month. many optional settings and looks very handsome.
some days ago i had a question for the support - they answered within 10 minutes! perfect!
Reviews: 1
Great selection of animations. Option to NOT load the JQuery library is a plus. Works as expected.
Reviews: 4
I use the module for a J1.5 and J2.5 site and it works very nicely. A had a few issues but the developer helped me fix them. Bottomline: Good module and good support.
Reviews: 1
This product deserves 5/5.
Easy to use, many incredible animations, I paid it with pleasure as it works perfectly.

Reviews: 1
This module works as described. I have not had any problems with it and there are a lot of options to work with.
Reviews: 2
Worked perfectly. Very nice visually and well supported. Developer even emailed me a few months later to check in if the extension was still working well.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this module for the past 4 months for my organisation and I found it to be highly customisable and fulfilled my requirement.
Reviews: 1
We have been using the Skitter Slide Show for Joomla for about 9 months and we love it! It's easy to use & configure and it's much nicer than using a flash player to rotate through images.
Reviews: 7
This extension is absolutely perfect! Easy to install and customize, and works well on any browser! Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I initially had some issues when configuring this extension and found a bug. I issued a ticket and it was resolved within 24hrs and had new version to download! great product and great support!
Reviews: 2
Does wat it says.
Excellent support as well!
Reviews: 2
Great extension...does exactly what it sets out to do. Very easy to use and highly customizable. Slick features and a great all-round solution.
Reviews: 6
Haven't been able to fault this extension. All most of our customers want is an image fader but I had a lot of trouble finding a decent one with simple options to remove navigation buttons/captions/etc. This fit the bill perfectly.
Reviews: 2
It is very easy to install and set-up, especially for someone like myself who is not a programmer or developer. Excellent module all round.
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