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SMAGRID jquery grid slider gallery Module

• hold multiple image categories (max 4) or just a single category.
• Can load unlimited number of images per category, each image can have its own text .
• Choose image transition effects (fade, slide horizontal, slide vertical), also can turn off transition completely.
• Customizable text description, transitions available (fade, expand up, down, right and left)
• Grid gallery panel can be set to show different number of rows and columns.
• Show or hide command panel with mouse over image
• Show or hide image number, timer line.
• customizable transition delay and transition speed.
• Image screen size and image thumbnails are resizable.
• Text description can be set at different location, size, text color, and background color.

New version 1.5 for Joomla 3.x and 2.5, features added :
• Show or hide Initial Grid galleries
• Show or hide Info button
• Description box Hide when show description=no

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Reviews: 2
I can say this is a beautiful extension and excellent support from the developer. I emailed the developer since the error message displayed on website before image gallery and he replied me back just in a very short time. Even we had tried couple times the error still there but he was so calm and so helpful even this is a FREE extension. Finally he fixed the problem and no more error. I have to say Excellent and Excellent Support.
Thank you the developer making this beautiful Free extension. I'm very appreciated for your support and your hard work.
Reviews: 3
I like this extension. It runs in my site without having any issues. Thank you :)
Reviews: 1
well done, simply to install
Reviews: 114
What can I say about this module other than it is fantastic. 5 things strike me straight off with this free Mod.

1. You click the download button and you can actually then click another button at the their site and download it without having to mess around with registration which in my mind is a complete waste of time.

2. Loaded straight off and no issues whatsoever and works with 4 different templates that I tested it on.

3. It is Beautiful
4. It is FREE
5. it will transform your website.

Thank you to the developer for making such wonderful modules. Have a virtual beer on me. :-)