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Responsive WS-Flexslider Module

WS-Flexslider is a Slideshow Module which was made for responsive Websites. See here all Features

• This Slider works on ALL Devices like Desktop PC's, Tablets like iPad and Smartphones like iPhone. The size and design fits to your Screen.

• WS-FlexSlider has been verified in Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE7+. iOS and Android devices are supported as well.

• Use Horizontal, Vertical Slide and fading animations, simply choose it in the Joomla Backend and use another one for a other Slider.
Touch swipe support

• On Touch devices you can scroll the slider with your fingers, only swipe the slide away in the Direction that fits. Horizontal or Vertical.

• Use the arrows no navigate, use the bullets, use both or use none. It's your decession.

• In the Captions you can place nearly anything you want. Simply use the integrated Editor in Joomla Backend.

• In WS-Flexslider you can very easy use your own style for the responsive Joomla Slider.

• Set the Time of the Slide and the Duration of the Animation easy in Joomla Backend.

• Keyboard Support - Also you can use the arrow keys of your Keyboard to navigate through the Slides.

• Mouse Scroll Support - A very nice feature, move your Mouse over the Slideshow and begin to scroll, isn't it nice.

• You can also set a Link for the whole Image, simply type in in the Joomla Backend.

• If set Pause on hover to yes the Slideshow stops when your Mouse hovers of the responsive Slider.

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Reviews: 7
This is the best slideshow module I ever have tried. Very pleased and gladly paying $15 for this.
Set up at a glance, configured in one minute. The way modules should be.
Reviews: 35
I have installed free and pro slideshows and some were quite good and some were just crappy.

None of them was unobstrusive because most developers want to play designer and are forcing us to modify their css.

Today I discovered this module and I had a look at the demo. I fell in love with it immediately :)

It looks so elegant.

So I bought and installed it.

And then there was a problem because it was not working. I sent an email t the devloper and he answered in no time.

He took a lot of time to help me and finally we found out that it was NOT the module's fault. It was an issue with a jQuery from Google.

Now it works like a charm and I am happy as a child with it.

The extensions of WS-Theme are amazing. Elegant, posh and perfect to show off with.

The support is as elegant as the extensions are and I recommend everybody too have a look at the website.

I am 100% sure that everybody will find an extension he or she can't resist :)

Thx for the great help and for developing such perfect and elegant extensions!

best Regards,

Rob van Linda
Reviews: 2
Bought the Slider two weeks ago cause most slider makes problems on my site cause it's responsive. But with this slider it was the first time all works good! Switched jQuery of, put my Images in it and it works! Yihaaaaa!!! Also I've builded my own style for it, that was easy ;)