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Code 7 Responsive Slider Module

A simple, responsive slider using the jQuery flexslider from

* Support 9 images with captions.
* Caption can contain HTML.
* Link slides.
* Variety of the flexslider options.

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Reviews: 14
This great little responsive slideshow took me only minutes to install and setup - and it all worked perfectly for me out of the box.
The steps involved in changing the images displayed are reasonably simple and didn't take me long to explain to my client.
Reviews: 1
Installed it in a gantry framework template.
One minute later the slider was up and running ;) Very happy with this excellent extension.
Reviews: 18
Took me 2 minutes to install and get this running. Responsive to any size and once you pick the images you got a couple of options. Easy and simple.. recommend it to anyone...
Reviews: 13
Almost perfect simple slideshow I used. I wish to have few more option in back-end.
Reviews: 7
This is a really responsive module. Thank you very much for the work, and best of all, it's free.
Reviews: 6
At long last, a responsive slider that integrates smoothlessly with other jQuery based templates / modules; what a relief!
Many thanks for this free gem.
Reviews: 3
The module is great and working smooth i just have a gap on the bottom of the slideshow that is no big deal but i do prefer to get rid of it if possible. I was looking in flexslider.css and style.css but was not able to find any margin for this,im not an expert and perhaps i missed something. Any help for find how to get this gap out will be appreciated.Thanks
Reviews: 1
Everything is in the title :-)
Thanks for this extension.
Reviews: 3
For a free slider, this works a treat. Actually, it would still be great if it were a paid version. I've had no problems using it in 3.1, even the suggested problems with captions didn't happen. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 6
Uploaded and installed, activated and published to a position, selected two images and captioned them .... and nothing.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

sorry you couldn't get the slider to work.

We have a support forum at where people will be willing to help with any issues you may have.

Sounds to me from the description you might have had a jQuery conflict which is easily remedied.

Reviews: 7
Works great on joomla 2.5 but lacks to specify the height and width which is necessary in some module templates
Owner's reply

It's worth noting however that the slider doesn't have these options as it's responsive.

It will always be 100% width of it's container element and the height will be based off the image at 100% width.

Thanks for the nice review either way!

Reviews: 5
I've tried many Sliders in Joomla, and this is right up there with the best of them.

They key here is the simplicity of it. Anyone of any experience can pick it up and use it! Great work!
Reviews: 3
Easy to configure, intuitive, run fine in seconds and fully compatible with other extensions. Excellent work!!! Thanks !!!
Reviews: 3
Tried 4 different "responsive" slideshow modules and none of them worked responsively. This took all of 30 seconds to get working. Intuitive parameters, and just the right mix of options vs. complexity. 5 stars.
Reviews: 7
I wanted a full width responsive slider for my gantry based theme. I have just tried 4 extensions... this is only one that worked correctly. There are no hidden links, just a well built module based on flexslider js.
Cheers to the maker, good work!
Reviews: 3
Hi, I'm glad about finding this extension. I was looking for something out of the box for a photo-based web page and I'm completely satisfied.
Reviews: 10
Out of the box responsive slider, it works great on mobile devices, easy to configure in 2 minutes! css files inluded.
Reviews: 5
Well done, I'll be using this slideshow from now on. It is responsive, and works smoothly.
Reviews: 1
Job well done! easy to use and configure.

I would suggest adding support for images that are different size to zoom in or re-size the slider.
Reviews: 10
Excellent work !
Very easy to customize, and much more than just responsive in terms of size: The slider also very nicely responds to gestures on touch-screens.
I am in the process of adopting it across my site.
None of the commercial sliders I have tested comes even close.
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