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JEXTN HTML5 Slider Module

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

JEXTN HTML5 Slider is a module for image slider. Which helps to load images one by one with title and description for each images from article. Our core competency from our front end and backend features will make you to sit suitable because we take care of your needs in the JEXTN HTML5 Slider module needs. This is where we extending the suitability in Joomla.

1) Support all types of images.
2) Rotates images automatically.
3) Option for turn on / off auto transaction.
4) Navigation icon and option for turn on / off navigation icon.
5) Has option to change image path and images.
6) Can display title and description for each images from article.
7) Option to limit the text of title and description in the slider.
8) Option for turn on / off from showing title and description.
9) Option for enable and disable the article link to title.
10) Option for changing the Delay time for each image.
11) Option for resizing the container of title and description.
12) Cross Browser Support [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 9+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.]
13) Mobile compatibility.

Please do not use this reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Please contact us using support menu in our website.


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Reviews: 5
First of all, wow.

This extension is used on my clients website and the transition is just crisp and perfect.

The service is Brilliant. You can email support and they reply very quickly.

Whats even better is this is the only image slider i have came across that works on mobiles.

The previous reviewer said he couldn't change the width, i think the extension automatically calculates it so it fits perfectly on all devices.

Will use them again. Cheers
Reviews: 13
There are better sliders available that don't cost 10 Euros, some are even free. Maybe this will work for someone else, but on my basic 2.5.7 installation I got bizarre effects between images during the so-called 'transaction' (which I guess means 'transition'). Also, there is only allowance to enter image height for some reason, supposedly leaving the algorithm to calculate the width- however my banners came up 50 pixels short.

By the way, clicking through all the Download links, I never saw any other available versions other than the pay version, so don't believe the hype about 'license freedoms' and 5 different update plans all for the same one-time low, low price of 10 Euros. Programmers never make good marketers.