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Responsive Fastslider Module

Responsive Fastslider - responsive jQuery Slideshow, based on jQuery, nice effects and saves your ressources!

The eXtro Responsive Fastslider Module is jQuery based, fully responsive and creates optimally adjusted pictures for your slideshow from the original pictures.

So you don't have to care if you pictures are all the same resolution, you can even mix horizontal or vertical format images, the eXtro Responsive Fastslider always creates optimal images.

In the backend, just select the folder that stores your pictures, the picture ratio for slideshow, fade effects, and the module does the rest.
You can also define whether you want to display the navigation elements for the slideshow, you can set the animation type, animation duration, and many more options.

The frontend view is very easy styleable by CSS, 3 different designs are already contained in the CSS file and can be activated anytime.

Additionally, the eXtro Responsive Fastslider will save your ressources, the JavaScript file is only 3kB, so it will be loaded very fast, and your slideshow can be displayed swiftly.

New in V1.1.0 - V1.2.8:
the folder for your slideshow can be overridden, any folder can be used.
transparent PNG images are now rendered correctly
Improved thumbnail generation
Support for Joomla 3.0
added greek, polish, italian, bosnian, russian and chinese traditional language translations.

NEW in V2.0.0 & V2.1.1 *****
New major version, switched to a better slider script with more and nicer options, adds czech language files and now also uses the Joomla updater.
Now images can be refreshed in the Slider backend with one click. Improves creation of transparent PNG/GIF images and resolves a minor display issue on some templates.

***** NEW Version 2.1.2 *****
This release improves compatibility with PHP 5.4, J3.x, and makes the module overridable.

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Reviews: 2
I use the Fast Slider since January 2013 and the constant improvement is nice.

Since the update to version 2 the swipe functionality is much better.

Thanks for your good support!