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JS Flexslider Module

A simple, nice and free responsive slideshow for Joomla 1.5 / 2.5 /3.X

Features :

* W3C valid HTML
* Fully responsive JQuery slideshow
* Supported in all major browsers (IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
* Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations
* Support gif, jpg and transparent png files
* You can display several instance of the sldeshow on the same page
* Easy customizable
* NEW : you can choose a folder with all your images inside.

20 july 2014 : new release

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Reviews: 7
I have used several slideshows over the years, and was looking for a new one for a Joomal 3.3 responive site. JS Flexslider is perfect. Easy to configure from the module. Love it :-)
Reviews: 10
I like this slider, it's responsive, looks neat and is nicely configurable. But the image size at a given page resolution cannot be varied. This is a real deal-breaker for me.
Reviews: 1
I'm a new Joomla user. I find this extension is very easy to use!! Thanks for developing this extension.
Reviews: 1
Really good, feature rich, clean code (aka css friendly).

Couple of 'gotchas':
If you have more than one on a page, you have to have them either all or none using jQuery.

If you select the Image directory option, it will load up the thumbs.db from windows hosts.

Apart from these two things that are really easy to work around, it's excellent!
Reviews: 1
Easy to set up, efficient and effective.

Recommend! Although keep looking to write some text on the image, it will work with banners and do not want to use texts as jpg or png images, I want that text on the banner on the "clean" space.
Reviews: 4
Exactly what I was looking for: a responsive slider with the ability to read images from a folder. Thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 1

My congratulations with this slider. I used this slider several times with success. It works out of the box.

Just one thing... when i used it in combination with VirtueMart the basket is not working.

Keep the good work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. I suppose it's a problem with Jquery. When you use several extensions using Jquery, I recommend you to install the free plugin "Jquery easy" and enable the basic option "Jquery + Jquery UI"

Reviews: 1
Really very good! Simple and effective. I would strongly recommend to be used.
Reviews: 1
The component works with, out of the box! Just one point that need to be improved. All images used, when the page is rendered, the attribute alt and title of the images was fill in blank. This is not a best practice, when thinking in SEO techniques. Maybe could be an improvement for a next version
Owner's reply

Thank you,
If you want fill the tag Alt, you must select your images one by one (and not choose directly a folder). The tag Title is always empty.

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a responsive slideshow with a transparent background - here it is and it works like a charm! The configuration is super easy and what I appreciate the most is the ability to add ALT tags: none of the numerous slideshows I ever tried gave me this very important option in relation to SEO.
Reviews: 10
So simple and yet powerfull. I have been searching for many days now the simplest thing... to be able to link the image with no text and here it is!!! Thanks guys
Reviews: 8
Installs, sets up, and works. Very elegant installation, easy to understand back-end. Bravo!
Reviews: 2
Very simple, light and fulfills its goal. I recommend it.
Reviews: 12
Good extension. But lack of 'select folder as a source' option!
Consider to have this feature.
With this extension, you can select up to 21 images only.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
I think 21 pictures is sufficient. And you must select the images one by one because for each of them, you can add a text, a link and an ALT tag. It's not possible if you select only an image folder and the ALT tag is very important.

Reviews: 4
This extension is a really nice slideshow, a must for every joomla web site.

Really easy to set up and so powerful, the best part it's free!

Thanks to Nicolas Lemarinier. A really pro on the web design and developer.
Reviews: 6
Most sites I build recently are responsive, so I have been trying out different sliders. This is my 1st choice for a slider recently because it seems to work with a variety of templates from different clubs without conflict. This one you select the image and optional text and or link for each slide up to 21 slides, it has a shut off jquery option in the module settings so if experience conflict with certain popular templates or modules on your site and turn jquiry off from this module it works. I have tested other modules which claimed could do the same, that I was not able to get working so this is my 1st choice when I need a responsive slideshow.
Reviews: 1
This is simply a terrific slide show extension.. easy, elegant, effective.

Very configurable and it is indeed responsive!

Thank you, Joomspirit.
Reviews: 1
A really good tool, easy to install and it does what it is supposed to! Thanks!
Reviews: 5
After trying a couple of other slideshow extensions for J3x that claim they are 'responsive' I installed this one. It scales really well, looks good and was really easy to install and setup. Thanks JoomSpirit !
Reviews: 1
I use this extension to "pretty up" my home page and show some of our organization's events. It went in easy, was easy to configure, and looks beautiful.
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