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The Unite Revolution Responsive slider is an amazing layered slider for joomla. The slider has been developed by themepunch and we would like to thank them in advance before talking about the slider features. We have developed a friendly backend that lets you manage your slider like no other extension yet made for joomla. You can design your slider with no css or jquery needed an come out with amazing effect. These are some of the Unite Revolution Responsive Slider Features:

➜ Image and Thumbs fully re-sizable
➜ Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
➜ Unlimited Caption Layers
➜ Unlimited Slides
➜ iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
➜ jQuery Conflict free plugin
➜ Customizable 100% via Plugin Backend
➜ Easy installation in your Website
➜ Special Easing
➜ Vimeo & Youtube Supported
➜ Stop AutoPlay during Video Playback
➜ Duplicate, Slider, slide, captions Function
➜ Drag and Drop Captions in the Editor
➜ Fullwidth, Responsive and Normal Modes
➜ Countless Art of Transitions
➜ Optional Shadows included

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Reviews: 7
I am so impressed by this slider.

This is a real added value for my website because it allows me to show my contents in a very professional and creative way!

Best of all it's responsive and makes your website beautiful on any device!

It's really worth every cent and actually much more.

Also the technical support is really quick and efficient.

Highly recommended to everyone!!
Reviews: 1
Highly recommend this extension. Very customizable and easy to use. Had a couple of installation problems that the author fixed within minutes.
Very impressed.
Reviews: 1
This extension is awesome and the tech support is even more awesome! I recommend it to everyone needing a picture/video slider on their site! I wish I could give 10 stars!
Reviews: 1
I think Revolution is the best slider for joomla, it's not perfect but it is the most complete and customizable, with many animations and text customizable, easily adapts to the templates. The support is pretty quick and helpful.
Reviews: 1
This is the Joomla best slider out there full stop!

Numerous possibilities, all the easing options you can think off its like using a flash banner but without the headache.

And the support they are giving is great, even within minutes!

With great pleasure I give the extension, but most of all the people behind it a five star rating.
Reviews: 3
Man needs time to create really good looking slides, steep learning curve. But the support offers a quick and good job.
Reviews: 1
The Revolution Responsive slider is an excellent extension but I wanted to share how I got to this product.

Yesterday I had bought a different slightly more expensive and very popular slider extension with the hopes that in a few hours I could have a nice typical slider running on our main Joomla 3 site.

What I discovered with this other product is that the responsive text and image scaling simply did _not_ work. Text and image positions were not proportionally correct with different browser widths which made editing slides a series of position compromises none of which looked very good.

I also found that after editing slides using the other extension I had to manually clear the slider cache in order to see the edits on the live site. What a pain.

So after pulling my hair out for 3 hours trying to tweak slides to get them to look decent I decided to just try the Revolution Responsive slider. This afternoon I installed it and got it running with a nice slider literally in 1 hour.

I find the Revolution slider editing interface to be very well thought out and I have encountered no bugs or anomalies at all. I also find the runtime slider engine to work well across ALL devices and browser widths (I have tried quite a few). WELL DONE. and thanks for saving me time! Only wish I had bought this one first.
Reviews: 13
When I found this extension I was actually surprised if I'm honest - I didn't know sliders had come this far. But I guess that's because not all of them have yet.

On the plus side this is a great component:

- the potential for creating eye catching slides is unmatched
- the installation is simple and although the slider has a lot of configuration options it's easy to get started
- the css is readily available in component for editing
- there are lots of ready made styles to get you going
- the support is excellent the guys I have contacted have answered queries within a matter of hours even at the weekend (hats off for that)
- it's reasonably priced for what it does

Basically with a little imagination a component like this can really enhance a site.

The downside (but bear in mind the support is excellent):

- there are really quite a few parameters to fathom out and no extensive instructions documenting what each one does
- the support forum, although publicly accessible, is not optimised for searching. It could definitely be better (and would help overcome teething issues)

On balance though this is a really great component and I say that having been a Joomla user since it was Mambo - and not one that is easily impressed. But I am impressed.
Reviews: 1
It's hard to find the right module to do the right job, but when I found this one it knocked me off my feet. The flexibility is amazing. The Revolution Slider is certainly revolutionary. It was worth every cent and my customers are VERY happy.
Reviews: 9
This is the best slider I've seen so far, lots of possibilities and very flexibel.
And the support they are giving is great, even within minutes!
With great pleasure I give the extension, but most of all the people behind it a five star rating.
Reviews: 1
I can only say I tried a lot of extensions and this one is far the best one you can imagine, if you need a slider take this one, it is amazing to work with this extension, the only one which is really responsive, never before got such an excellent support, thank you a lot.
Reviews: 2
This slider extension is one of the best for Joomla. I used it on a few projects for my clients and it fit really great with their websites.

Another plus is, it's support. Friendly and quick!

I would recommend this extension to anyone looking for a slider with a powerful editor for text and images.
Reviews: 4
This slider works great right out of the box. Very intuitive and easy to install. There are an amazing amount of options allowing you to configure your slider exactly as you want it.

The big thing for me, however, has been the service. We ran into an issue actually caused by me and Amit responded quickly and actually fixed the issue for me.

If you are looking for a versatile, professional slider, this is it. The product and the service ROCKS!!
Reviews: 5
Kudos, what a great piece of software!
I looked around for some time to find a versatile slider.
This one has every feature one could think of and it just works out of the box.
Reviews: 3
This slider works as advertised. It is very customizable, and has more options than I can ever imagine wanting. What made me want to write a review is the support. I downloaded and installed the slider and had an issue. I posted a question in the support area and within an hour had it fixed. Worth every penny. Will be my go-to slider for all upcoming projects.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent slider packed with functionality, for the small cost it provides great value. Also support is excellent.
Reviews: 4
Very good slider with lots of possibilities. Works perfect with Joomla 3 and responsive design. Thanks a lot for a very fine component
Reviews: 9
I've tried many sliders for many clients and this one is truly THE BEST!

Awesome features and abilities. Responsive design is perfect. Developer support is near lightning-fast.

Reviews: 1
This extension is great!! Thank you to developer for their kind support!!
Reviews: 1
The best slider component for Joomla I saw still now! Really help me so much for make the best website. I recommended everyone use this component for your site.

Thanks Unitecms team!
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