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FavSlider Responsive Slideshow Module

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Responsive slideshow module adapted for Joomla! from FlexSlider 2

A smart slideshow that adapts and resizes itself to desktop and mobile devices.

The module is compatible with Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE7+. iOS and Android devices are also supported.

The module has an extensive set of parameters for easy and fast customization:

- Slider Type
- Load jQuery
- Transition Effect
- Cycling Speed
- URLs Target
- Arrow Navigation
- Control Navigation
- Autorun
- Randomize
- Animation Loop
- Pause On Hover
- Keyboard Navigation
- MouseNav

Each slide has a set of 4 parameters:
1) Show Slide
2) Slide Location
3) Slide Link
4) Slide Caption

Credits: WooThemes for FlexSlider 2

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Reviews: 5
Very easy to configure. Looks great. I'm quite enthusiastic about it.
Reviews: 14
Really a good extension, easy to use, no bug, responsive!
Reviews: 7
This is such a cool, simple to use responsive slider extension. Some great things in life really are free. My only thing on the wish list would be to be able to choose the number and size of the thumbnails that show underneath the main window and have those slide as well. Maybe for the paid version? Thanks so much to the developers.
Reviews: 16
This is a love, module of the highest quality. The size is small so loading times are not affected yet the output is truly beautiful and amazing. Only wish it could load more than 10 photos and also more than 2 modules on the same page. Features I am sure these talented developers would surely incorporate in the near future. Other than that, I really like this module and can't wait for updates as I think I will be using this for long periods to come.
Reviews: 10
It's the best I've tested for my needs, yet it needs 2 more things to be perfect:

1) Ability to add more than 10 slides, or even better add a folder.

2) When you show a Portait image the image streches way too much in order to fit to the width, an option to stretch up to 100% of the page/div size whould be nice.

Other than that, it's really, really great. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 9
Brilliant. This even contains the awesome jQuery swipe function on mobile devices, just as it should do for a new skool slider. I cannot recommend this enough. Thank you guys!