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Pageflip Multi Module

Module type pageflip/Flip Book for multiple books.

This opens a book with links to others books.

We can create books only with images or mixed text and images.

It comes with 5 books:
1 - Book only image list (400x300)
2 - Only copy of 1 with other images
3 - Book with text only
4 - Book with image list of 550x750
5 - Simply create the directory it generate the book with all the pictures and also get the dimensions of the images (all must have similar dimensions).

In version 1.3 Beta I broke the main file in 5 to optimize and learn (dynamically loads on demand).

Now we can select books to display.

Note: To customize the books 4 or 5 is required to preserve the images: faces.jpg, paper.jpg and paper_blue.jpg in their directory.

Here was used this example that uses the jQuery plugin booklet:

To others pageflip modules: simplepageflip and pageflipnotebook.

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Reviews: 8
Really easy to install and modify. Good fun extension.

Would like to know how to add more pages and how to clear the 'download' and 'demo' buttons please.

Well done.
Owner's reply

Book 5 sample allow all pages from your folder. Comment others sample books.

You need to change the code for some changes.

The download link has removed now, only in code.
Download now without link.
Thank you.