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Cool Flip Book Module


Joomla Cool Flip Book enables you to show images from a folder as a catalog or flip book on your Joomla site.

You can use the module for several purposes.

✔ As a Catalog
✔ As a Photo Album
✔ or showing Product Images
✔ and we are dedicated to improve it & Update you regularly!

Very Easy to use!
All you need to do is :

★★★★ Installing Module via Joomla Installer

You can use module parameters at module back-end to

✔ Set Parameters
✔ Set Direction - LTR or RTL
✔ Show book opened or closed at start
✔ Container Width
✔ Container Height
✔ Show Page Numbers or
✔ Show Next Page Preview
✔ Show Preview Page Preview
✔ Set Page Speed
✔ Set the start page
✔ Enable or Disable Tabs for Control
✔ Enable or Disable Arrows for Control
✔ Publish

★★ For style customizations; there is a css file

★★★★★ UPDATES ★★★★★

★★ V 1.0.7 & V 1.0.8 & V.1.0.9 ★★
✔ Better Organized Styled added

★★ V 1.0.6 ★★
✔ Bug Fix. Thanks to Shaun for informing us.

★★ V 1.0.5 ★★
✔ You can add a page select menu, with this your visitors can go to any page easily
✔ Added new option for flipbook selector, with this you can show several flipbooks in the same page

★★ V 1.0.4 ★★
✔ Sort Issue Fixed

★★ V 1.0.3 ★★
✔ CSS Fixes

★★ V 1.0.2 ★★
✔ You can set to show full image size in a modal popup

★★★★★ SUPPORT ★★★★★

✔ We are well know with the support we provide. We are almost 24 hours online and assure you solving any of our extensions related issue in latest 12 hours!

✔ You are welcome if you have a suggestion, we are looking forward hearing suggestions!

★★★★★ USER GUIDE PDF or VIDEO ★★★★★

✔ This extension is very easy to install and use and each module parameter explained well, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter label, a short description will be shown in a tool-tip.

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Reviews: 2
Hello! I bought and used this plugin in the last weeks and I found it very easy and very very nice for what I was looking for. I have to say that Live Support is a great added value, specially when you are not an "expert".

Owner's reply


Reviews: 1
I needed a flipbook component for a website I was working on. Saw the demo and looked really promosing. After payment I ran into a little bit of a problem but the support was there to answer my question directly through a live chat! (great invention) After installing the component there was a jquery conflict and the component would not work. And again, support was there to save me! Gave support FTP access and the problem was fixed in 5 minutes. Great developer!
Owner's reply

Thanks. We are happy to see our extension on a live site!!!

Reviews: 3
Okay, so I was on a roll working on my website, and ended up purchasing this extension around 2:00 in the morning. I had a couple of questions as I was getting it installed and configured, and was pleasantly surprised (AMAZED actually!) to find that Live Chat support was available even in the wee hours in the middle of the night! Jason helped me get it all figured out, and within a few minutes I had it up and running! Couldn't have asked for more!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your great review!

We are happy to add value to your site!

Reviews: 1
Hey, I installed this module, and just enabled on a position, even without setting up any parameters it worked without any problem, very good module, saved me hours. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks Balaraje,
we are happy to add a value to your website + business!

Reviews: 1
Love the flipbook, it looks good and works well.

Easy to configure, just a good ole module.

I am using an XTC Framework template and it had errors when loading. Same day service from support saw them do a "bug fix" and all works perfectly.

I look forward to styling it to suit my template.

Great work guys, keep it up, your excellent, prompt support will see you succeed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your time and writing a review about our services!

You will never walk alone in the valley!

Reviews: 1
On the ball with support! The extension has enhanced the way I display catalogues. I will look at this developer first when needing to purchase further extensions. A+
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for your time mate!

We are so glad to see that our extension is on a live site! and adds value!

Reviews: 1
Experience with support it’s fantastic. I Had a problem with Cool Flip Book. It Worked differently than it had. In consultation with the developer’s website viewed. It was concluded that another module, the problem was. Developer offered directly to see if the problem could bes o;ved.With his tremendous effort and patience he has solved the problem. The good thing is that we are both happy. In short , a great compliment to this service. From user André
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your great review! We are so glad to see our extensions on a live site without any problem fully functional!!!

Never hesitate to request support Never Walk Alone :)

Reviews: 1
I would say it's simply GREAT. I had a small issue with the use of Joomla 3. Developer rectified it very quickly and we are really happy to use it.
All the Very Best

PWH Team
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your nice comments!

Plugin Valley Team Assures to Solve All Issues for Latest in 12 Hours!

If we can not keep this promise we assure to make a refund!!!

Thanks again for choosing us for your websites and giving us a chance!!!

All the best!

Reviews: 1
I was in conflict with jquery libraries, but with their support I have resolved quickly and in a professional manner the problem, really great! Congratulations :)
Owner's reply

We are very happy to add value to your business!!!

All the best from the Valley :)

Reviews: 1
I was excited to have an extension for my Joomla! site that will be an easy way to view any images or pictures of my products on site.

I purchased the extension 2 days ago unfortunately i installed the wrong version and I get a weird layout at module back-end.

For this I got back to the plugin valley for support.

Online support replied my question and they solved problem just in few minutes. In the same time they made an extra customization for free!!!

Cool Flip Book by plugin Valley is definitely an easy to install and a fun to use extension for Joomla sites.

You guys are perfect! KEEP ON DOING YOUR GREAT WORK!

I will definitely continue to use your extensions!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks so much!

we are happy to help you and solving the issue immediately!