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JM Responsive Slideshow Popular Module

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Give your visitors an irresistible experience on your website by using JoomlaMan's Responsive Slideshow module.
This module, will give you the ability to create a stunning slideshow on your projects.
Fully Responsive and built on Twitter's Bootstrap.
Using our easy to use administrator interface you can take full control of your slideshow.
With 5 different transition effects, title, description and navigation control, plus much much more, you can easily give your website the slideshow it deserves.


Responsive Slideshow Module
Image Control
Support for Joomla & K2
5 Transition Effects
Slide Speed Control
Captions, Description & Read More Control
Navigation Options

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Reviews: 24
This just makes my site pop now!!! WOW easy to setup and use and I love it!! Use HD pics and you will LOVE the results of this mod!!! Thank you for such a great job and your contribution to the world of Joomla!
Reviews: 2
i love this very simple and lightweight code slideshow

good job

Reviews: 6
We've installed this on a joomla 3.x site. The overall setup is straightforward, although as others have mentioned there is no documentation. For the most part it works well. However, I think people are interested in this for its responsive capabilities. Unfortunately, they have not made the caption text responsive. So while its great that your slide image will scale down on smaller screen sizes, the caption text will not. You have to be knowledgable enough to set up your own media queries to handle this.

Also there has been reported an issue of all of the slides appearing briefly during page load. We have this issue as well. This may be a show stopper for some.
Reviews: 2
I have given 4 starts for this module, because it is a really good slideshow module. Few points:

- Easy to setup the slideshow
- Easy to choose images
- When I have clicked on a dropdown box it's not going back (using Google Chrome
- For catopn e.d. it should be a textfield in my opinion. I mean; I want a few words and one of them should be a hyperlink: not possible.

When you have a textfield for caption everyone can decide for himself how he/she wants the caption.

Also I hope this module will work with newer versions of Joomla than the latest one. :)
Reviews: 6
I have to mark it down by 1 star as there is an outstanding loading issue that needs resolving. Knowing this company the way I do I know they're onto it and it might well have been resolved with the latest update...just got to get round to it.

If you are looking for this kind of extension you really should give this a go as they WILL help you if you have an issue. Great support forum.
Reviews: 1
this is exactly what i needed!
easy to implement.
and had the transition effect I was after.
thank you!
Reviews: 6
.. but no description whatsoever how to get captions or descriptions anywhere displayed.
Would be nice if there was at least a minimum of documentation.
Reviews: 10
This extension is excellent, I was looking a responsive module... is exactly. Good job!
Reviews: 2
i have this extension in my new project its very very good, i have no problems with ie9,chrome and mozilla firefox.

I have only a problem with internet explorer 8.

I IE8 the slider dont show picture.

That is why i can give only 4, because not all people have new browsers.

Ty very much
Reviews: 5
I have been using ShowPlus but it wasn't working in my Bootstrap template so I tried JM Responsive Slideshow and it worked great right out of the box. Now that I'm working with BootStrap and responsive designs this will be a must extension.
There's a little confusion with the registration and "purchase" even though it's free but keep clicking. It's free, I promise.
Reviews: 35
I was having trouble with a very reliable application and decided I might need to try something else. And the something else was this. Configured and running in minutes! (Now I need to go back to their website and see what else is on offer.)
Reviews: 1
Great Slider. It's free, and better than most commercial ones I've tried.

Easy to use. Support was very quick and thorough when I had a question.

Only complaint is the lack of any real documentation. Pretty easy to figure out, but docs would have eliminated my need to contact support.
Reviews: 1
A very nice extension from Joomlaman, working slideshow module and top of all its responsive, works great on the mobile's and smaller device too! look no where for the RESPONSIVE slideshow extension!
Reviews: 4
I'm happy with the settings options etc., all very clear and tidy, Thanks alot JoomlaMan
Reviews: 5
This module works just like it says. This is one of the better sliders that I've used.
Reviews: 1
This module is very easy to install and configure. I had a small problem with non-display of images, but when I reported that it was identified as a folder permissions issue and fixed by the support team very quickly. Considering this is a free product, the level of support puts many large corporations to shame. In these days of multi-platform browsing it's important that your websites are responsive, including the slideshow, so this is a very useful product. If I had one tiny concern, it would be the lack of ability to hyperlink the images, but it's a free product so I'm not complaining.
Reviews: 1
Great product! Had a bit of issues while setting up and figuring out how it works, but received a quick response from the support team.
Reviews: 1
this is good,free and they so good and speedly support
Reviews: 1
Great module..Easy to costumize..I had some simple problem and the support was sickly fast. Very good!
Reviews: 1
I am happy with this module, it is easy to using and FREEEEE!!!!!!
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