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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
*fixed and optimized truncate description function
*added slimbox script for opening full image with navigation
The DJ-ImageSlider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item, article or url address. It can works as responsive slideshow displaying one image at once or responsive slider displaying more images at once vertically or horizontally.

Component features:
create categories for your slides
link it to your menu item, article or any URL
add the description that will overlay the image (can be disabled in module's settings)
upload images easily

Module features:
select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
select slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
select the category of images to be displayed
choose the options for the module:
- show/hide title
- show/hide description
- show/hide readmore
- enable/disable title link
- enable/disable link description
- select start/end publish date

set parameters:
- image width/height
- amount of visible images at once!
- space between images
- maximum of images
- ordering (file name/ordering, random)!
- slide effect (bounce/linear/cubic/expo/bacl/elastic)
- set autoplay on/off
- show play/pause button
- show next/prev buttons

Advanced parameters:
- set description width
- set description position
- customize buttons! (add the path to your own buttons)
- align the navigation bar easily
- set slides' effect, duration, delay

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for the great Image Slider - runs great and is fun to work with!
Reviews: 4
Fantastic, all I wanted was a simple slideshow with the fade in and out effect where I could change both the transition time and slide delay and it does all and more.
Reviews: 2
This is the first slider I ever downloaded for Joomla, and it's still my favorite to use.

It can be used as either a module or a component, but keep in mind to use the advanced features like putting an anchor link around a slide you must set up the slideshow to use the component instead of folder source, and then go to the actual component to build the slider. That seems to be a little tricky to newer people trying to use it.

I definitely would recommend this to other people who need to put a slideshow in their site.
Reviews: 1
First of all, this is my very first review on this page and I like it, that it is the one for the dj imageslider.

The installation works like a charm (be sure, you download the correct version for your joomla (1.5 or 2.5).
The module works very nice. I used it in at least 3 websites and I never had a problem. The best thing is, you can place the slideshow where ever you want. Others are always left alligned.
You can use a folder for the slideshow to display all containing images, or create own slides with a description and a hyperlink. The slides have a category that you can chose instead of the mentioned folder.

So it is very flexible, without any errors, and, non-commercial, what I really appreciate.
I am thinking about making a donation.
Such great extensions need to be supported!
Reviews: 1
Great slider that works really easily. Except if you're me and you got the settings wrong. Emailed support and it was really fast and very efficient indeed.
So highly recommended. It's always reassuring to get good support with open source stuff, even if the extension in question is free.
Thanks Tomasz :)
Reviews: 71
I've tried lots of sliders and this is the one I always turn to now. It's easy for my clients to change the images, it's not Flash-based, and it's free!
Reviews: 1
This extension is excellent. It is very easy to use and customise; I had a question, and support had an answer straightaway.
Reviews: 51
We are a small diving club, and we need to show our sponsors some appreciation, but at the same time, we don't want our website to be plastered with banners.
So I opted for a slideshow, and one that impacted the page as little as possible, so a mootools based slideshow was perfect (as J already uses mootools).
We've now placed two slideshows on our landingpage, they work nicely, and with the feature of being able change if a slides points to to an article or webpage it makes it possible even for our small sponsors without a webpresence to be shown properly.
In the backend, it's very advanced with categories, and slides being managed, so it's very easy to update, publish or publish/ unpublish quickly.
Reviews: 37
I found I needed this after one vendor implemented it in their demo site and kinda misled this buyer but at least DJ slider works and is downright FREE.

Though I didn't seek support, I found no easy way to implement the parent category to make say: featured with subs cakes, brownies, customs and then just make a module for "featured". If there's nothing in "featured" it ain't showing up...even if you have subfolders. That was weird.

Also, the width of the slider isn't relative to pixels you want to present in so it will take some tweaking.

Otherwise, I love it! Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Great image slider, great back-end for uploading and arranging images. Easy to manage for more modules with different images to roll on them. Top notch features for a free component!
Reviews: 9
I have used this extension in a few different times now and it works flawlessly. Built on MooTools! thats a huge bonus! Lots of great easy to use and understand customization options.

Very well laid out!
Reviews: 3
We have just started using DJ-Slider and we are very pleased with the clean code, the ease of customization both in the backend and as well with some simple css.

Moreover we are impressed that we asked for some help since the module was not working as expected and the developer was so kind to respond immediately to our request and provide an instant solution.

The DJ team provides quality extensions, professionalism and responsiveness.
Reviews: 4
I have used and tested many sliders over the last couple of years. I have 6 years Joomla time and operate a number of sites. This one installed and worked right away no problems. I found on my last visit here I had an older version. Upraded to new version right away. To my suprise it's even better! This author works hard a making a good extentsion. It has lots of options and configs to load as a module. It appears to work faster than the others. When a user clicks the image it loads right now. But the gold here is it supports links also. We are woodworkers not computer people so we can really use a well done well working program. We use it as a Left col module as well as a full page insert. This worth the time to get and install. I love this slider...
Reviews: 1
I found myself needing a slideshow/rotator extension, and after lots of trial and error I found D-J Slideshow. Most do not offer the common sense options that D-J does and when they do it is buried in the middle of less important options.

D-J has no artificial limit to the number of slides, and you can set up a site with it in under 5 minutes.

I'll be donating to their effort and linking to them from my nonprofit's website.
Reviews: 5
This extension is among the best. Simple to configure, efficient on system resources and works perfectly. Author's support is very good. I encountered a bug the first time I installed it, posted it on the support forum and the author fixed the issue quickly.

Highly recommend this extension as an alternative to other resource hogging ones with similar functionality.
Reviews: 3
This is really nice component. Easy to setup in few minutes.
One thing I found: linking doesn´t work in fade effected slideshow. But..may be I am doing something wrong. Anyway, horizontal sliding looks also perfect. Thx guys!
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for so nice review and rating,
regarding your issue with slides linking - indeed there was a bug with previous release, now with version 1.3.4 all works good again, so just upgrade. Cheers!

Reviews: 1
Top Component and Modules.

Installed today and was blown away for the 2.5 version of Joomla and integration.

Simple to use, very user friendly, Theirs alot of work gone into this component and credit where credit is due a link to the creators of this component will be going out once I have published my all singing all dancing banners on my website.

I cannot believe this is free to download.

Thanks again.
Reviews: 43
Thanks, I found this excellent free extension was just what I needed to show off a client's original artwork. What I like most is being able to add text below the image (after a small tweak), it's W3C compliant and free! I also managed to get it working with Nice Watermarks which was a bonus.
Reviews: 1
I just wanna say, this is a great experience. This script is just awsome. I just met joomla very recent, and I loved it. How joomla capable to do these stuffs so easyly, I still can't believe it. I just wanna thank to people who behind this. And I wanna thank you for this module. I adore Joomla community.
Reviews: 2
This extension is great and it does almost everything I want but it is missing one very important feature which is a mobile navigation for smartphones and tablets. It does work with these devices but it isn't optimized for them. The other thing that would make it untouched is auto-detection Image, Article Title, Article Description by selecting a particular article. In J!2.5 these can be pulled directly from an article very easily so if this was supported it would make this extension unmatched.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your input, we'll take into account your suggestions with next updates!

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