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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
*fixed and optimized truncate description function
*added slimbox script for opening full image with navigation
The DJ-ImageSlider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item, article or url address. It can works as responsive slideshow displaying one image at once or responsive slider displaying more images at once vertically or horizontally.

Component features:
create categories for your slides
link it to your menu item, article or any URL
add the description that will overlay the image (can be disabled in module's settings)
upload images easily

Module features:
select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
select slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
select the category of images to be displayed
choose the options for the module:
- show/hide title
- show/hide description
- show/hide readmore
- enable/disable title link
- enable/disable link description
- select start/end publish date

set parameters:
- image width/height
- amount of visible images at once!
- space between images
- maximum of images
- ordering (file name/ordering, random)!
- slide effect (bounce/linear/cubic/expo/bacl/elastic)
- set autoplay on/off
- show play/pause button
- show next/prev buttons

Advanced parameters:
- set description width
- set description position
- customize buttons! (add the path to your own buttons)
- align the navigation bar easily
- set slides' effect, duration, delay

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Reviews: 11
I was looking for a vertical image slider and I found this from a forum post. I do not recall seeing it in the extensions library.

But what a great extension. Very easy to handle and very easy on the eyes.
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
It took me awhile to get it working and the CSS tweaked, but set-up instructions are clear ( and I found answers to all my questions at
Reviews: 17
Really good one, i use for my websites. I used the module along with the component, to be able to link my images to urls.
Reviews: 5
I've used this extension so much over the last couple of years that I thought it was only right to pass by and leave a review. It is one of my core arsenal of extension - solid, easily configurable and customizable to apply to any project. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Based on my experience this is the best slide extension by now. you can use in many mode, product presentation, slide show, you can link the image, it's easy to install and configure, work as a component making easy upload images and with modules you can easy put everywhere on your site. finally: excellent job.
Reviews: 7
This is a fantastic product and I thank you so much for it!

I was in search for such a slide show to be used on the first site of my website to link different items of my website.

Finally I found your extension and it works just perfect without investing too much time.

Reviews: 2
Very good extension - Works like a charm.
Reviews: 2
This extension is just fantastic! Just what I need!
It's very customizable!

Thanks, DJ Team!
Reviews: 1
Excellent work!
Reviews: 3
A definite thumb up for design and implementation. It's really a matter of just a few minutes and a few clicks to get it customized and run smoothly on the site.

Best of all it's mootools-based, which is already included in any Joomla! site.

A very big thank you!
Reviews: 1
I have tried most of the slideshow extensions, including the commercial ones. I was pretty disappointed about buying commercial ones, that doesn't deliver as much as this extension.

I really like this extension because it has a wide range of different parameters, and most of all it looks good.

However, this is not rated 5 - as I am missing a few more transition effects. I am not that impressed by the "only slide to the side" effects.

Overall a good product.
Reviews: 4
I like this extensions, thank you very much ;)
Reviews: 2
Excellent component and module.
Easy to install and flexible in settings.
Thanks !!!
Reviews: 6
Must to say this is the best slideshow component ever.
I m using it on all of my sites. It simple, userfriendly. Thanks for your work.
Reviews: 7
I configured DJ image slider already with two projects to slide images. It was set up within minutes and easily configured to all of my needs.

Perfectly easy! Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
As I am a newbie for joomla.So, searching best slider and this seems to fulfill my requirements..
Reviews: 13
This is the only competent slider component out there.

What do I mean by this? It's the only one with a decent component/module setup that allows my clients to easily and simply manage their slides.

It's easy to setup, works out of the box and supports template overrides.

Plus, it uses Joomla's MooTools framework, so no additional libraries are added to your site's overhead.
Reviews: 10
No hassle to install

Plus: intuitive admin interface
Plus: highly configurable
Plus: smart slide management
Plus: easy to customize
Plus: perfectly predictable behaviour

Smarter than some commercial components and certainly the best of the free options I evaluated

Thanks to the developers !
Reviews: 6
This is by far the best slider I have tried, and I have tried most on this site.

Actually signed up for an account just to leave this review.

There are ofcourse always room for improvements and enhancements in most cases, but with this one, I can't think of one as of yet.

And yes, you can set the speed and delay.

Thanks for a great module and component.
Reviews: 2
Real W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid.
Many Thanks!
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