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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
*fixed and optimized truncate description function
*added slimbox script for opening full image with navigation
The DJ-ImageSlider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item, article or url address. It can works as responsive slideshow displaying one image at once or responsive slider displaying more images at once vertically or horizontally.

Component features:
create categories for your slides
link it to your menu item, article or any URL
add the description that will overlay the image (can be disabled in module's settings)
upload images easily

Module features:
select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
select slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
select the category of images to be displayed
choose the options for the module:
- show/hide title
- show/hide description
- show/hide readmore
- enable/disable title link
- enable/disable link description
- select start/end publish date

set parameters:
- image width/height
- amount of visible images at once!
- space between images
- maximum of images
- ordering (file name/ordering, random)!
- slide effect (bounce/linear/cubic/expo/bacl/elastic)
- set autoplay on/off
- show play/pause button
- show next/prev buttons

Advanced parameters:
- set description width
- set description position
- customize buttons! (add the path to your own buttons)
- align the navigation bar easily
- set slides' effect, duration, delay

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Reviews: 3
This was easy to install and implement. Installed in an article with Load Module. Do watch out for the file directory naming. One suggestion would be a speed control for the sliding effect, it turned out a little too fast for my tastes. Maybe I didn't play enough with the settings.
Reviews: 36
this component and his module really improve our work
Reviews: 5
Excellent Job
Reviews: 3
Great extension! Very Usefull
Reviews: 1
this slider is exactly what i was looking for
the only problem is that when i installed arabic language pack and made it default to my site
the slider is not working
what could have gone wrong? and how can i fix it
Reviews: 2
I have been searching and searching for days and found this comp/mod Its available in 1.5 and 1.6. We use 1.6 and it looks very nice! The only problem is that there are a lot of broken language links and it seems it does not support Dutch, although I have made my own Dutch translation. It keep on going to the English. So I named nl-NL to en-GB and more or less solved the problem.

Have fun with it!
Reviews: 3
Good job on this one.. Works like magic!!
Reviews: 2
I am not the most experienced with Joomla! and found this extension easy to install and use. It looks great and support is awesome. Developers did a great job.
Reviews: 7
Thank´s for a good job.
It work´s as good on Loomla 1.6.3 as it worked on on Joomla 1.5.23.
Easy to install and to handle...
Reviews: 1
This was the third image handler (fading, linking, swapping) I had installed. Apparently third time was the charm. I have this one module in use in four or five areas on my site doing different things on each! In one area, I use large pictures with descriptions that link to various articles. In another, I just use a small horizontal slider pulling images from different directories depending on the page the user is on. The documentation threw me in the beginning as installing a component AND a module to get the functionality was somehow a bit confusing. But one or two trips to the forums and I was on my way.

Lastly, the interface for options within the module is not very intuitive at the beginning but the mouse-over hints had full, detailed explanations that made configuration a snap!

All in all, simply fantastic!!!
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Congratulations!
Reviews: 2
I used this extension to display revolving pictures of a company with captions on their website. It was very easy, and took little time, to get it working and looking exactly as I wanted.
Reviews: 1
As a relative newcomer to Joomla I've been having problems with other image modules. This was easy to set up, looks good and works!
Reviews: 13
It is the best tool I've used but I regret that in the version for 1.6 does not work at all I hope in future they will be the tool that is as good at 1.5
Reviews: 3
I was putting off installing a "slider" extension, since I expected difficulties, yet today I installed DJImageSlider (component + module), and it took me very little time to configure it, and it works as expected, on all the browsers that I tested it.

So I can sincerely recommend it to anyone looking for a simple (but flexible), clean and working solution to your site's image sliding needs :)

Well done, and thank you very much!

PS It would be nice to be able to configure per slide whether the title is displayed - perhaps I couldn't find this feature? But even without it this is a great extension.
Reviews: 1
The plugin is very easy to install and set up, but still includes many configuration options. In my case, unfortunately, the component malfunctioned due to some of my sql settings. The developer offered excellent personal support and a quick fix within no time. Very satisfied and definitely recommended!
Reviews: 1
First of all ,you ve done very good work.
Very useful extension , and most important it's free.
I'm havin a problem
I use the slideshow with a drop down menu and the menu is hiding behind the slideshow.
I tried to correct the z-index value of the menu and still nothing. Any ideas?

Reviews: 2
I had this image slider for Joomla 1.5. It was definitely the best (free) slider that I have come across. When I upgraded to Joomla 1.6, I was concerned that this module would no longer work properly. The developer, however, was quick to release a 1.6 native version. There aren't many 1.6 compatible extensions out yet, so this says a lot about the developer. Top notch extension. Top notch service!
Reviews: 11
This component looks amazing on my site and it's so easy to use. There is also so much variety with this component/module that you can really customize it to what you want. LOVE IT!
Reviews: 1
This is the best slider ever. I have been using Joomla for a while now and this is the first slider I did not have to hack to get what I want. It simply has all the features that I require and is easy to install and get up and running. Excellent!
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