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ScrollBox ModulePlugin

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jQueryCarousel (jQuery)
ScrollBox (Mootools)

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Pretty Photo

This product creates in your article image scrolling gallery with LightBox effects. Now archive consists of two files. ScrollBox PRO install archive. ScrollBoxButton plugin for default Joomla editor.

The concept is simple. You want to add image galleries inside your articles (content items)! So, create a folder anywhere inside images/stories/, for example call it my_family and upload there all your images. Now create a new content item (or open an existing one) and simply insert {scrollbox}my_family{/scrollbox}, where you want your image scroll gallery to appear. It doesn’t have to be at the end of your article, it can be anywhere you insert it inside your content item. That’s it! Fire up your favorite browser, navigate to your content item et voila! An image scroll gallery inside your content item!

If you want to create a gallery from subfolders inside images/stories/, simple add them like this: {scrollbox}folder/subfolder/othersubfolder{/scrollbox}. In other words, write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path (it’s added automagically!).

Don’t forget to adjust the width and height of each thumbnail and set parameters for scrolling gallery part. So, experiment before going public. Also, set the image quality of the created thumbnails. Low quality means better loading times. For performance issues, prefer not to use more than 16-20 images per content item.

PlugIn support SWF files. For use it you just have to put SWF in the same folder with pictures. For thumbnails you have to create sub folder named 'flashthumb' and put there JPG files with the same as SWF name.In case there are no thumbnail for SWF plugin will be use own icon with FLASH sign 'automagically'.<

Keep in mind Plugin replace default mootools library to the mootools 1.2 on the page where it’s working.

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Reviews: 2
Easy install, work perfect. Best solution for placing gallery in article.
I used both - old and new versions of plugin.
All works without any problems.
Developer answer very quickly on my questions.
Thanks for your job!
Reviews: 1
Had some problems with installing the extension but received excellent support.
Now it's as it should. Many thanks!
Reviews: 12
Plugin works only on old joomla bases and moo tools, its not working with updated framework joomla sites and menus. As all we know previous joomla CMS do have security problems.
So not recommending to pay for nothing.

Developer should update it to work with current updated CMS and then sell it as quality product.
Owner's reply

Sorry, can't agree with your review. Lates version of the product using milkBox and scrolling scripts for moo tools version using in the latest versions of the Joomla. Please write me an email and i'll help you with your personal problem.

Reviews: 2
I really needed a slim slideshow component which could handle Flash content along with standard images. This tool did the job just fine and for free, could not ask for more!
Reviews: 1
I have downloaded the last version (1.4). It does exactly what it pretends!
The plug-in is really easy to instal and to use.
I have used it for much more images (up to 50) than what is given as a piece of advice and absolutely no problem.
I have used it also for swf files and it works really fine.
The developer, Nikita Zonov, is a really nice and helpful person.
Thank you very much for this great work!
Reviews: 1
Well done job, guys. This is exactly what I need. I know css and I've styled it very easy, but maybe you can add more styling options in plugin configuration (borders, background colors etc).
I use between 30 and 40 images per content item without any problem!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.
There is commercial version with this settings. You may purchase it on my Demo Site.