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showplus is an eye-catching slideshow to display a set of images with user-defined transition between them. It is easy to get started with but offers a number of customization options for more advanced users.

showplus is powered by a slideshow script built entirely with the MooTools JavaScript framework that ships with Joomla, and uses no Flash technology. Having a showplus slideshow on a page incurs a footprint of about 30 Kb with only a single CSS file and a JavaScript file included in the page header. No jQuery or other libraries are imported, possibly leading to script conflicts.

* choose from six customizable transition types: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe
* attach captions to images with multilingual support using a labels file with fall-back to a default caption
* link each image to an arbitrary location
* order images according to filename or last modified time, shuffle images each time the page is shown, or specify custom order
* display horizontal or vertical navigation bar with small thumbnail images that allow for fast navigation
* set most important styles in the administration back-end

* Joomla 2.5 or later (including Joomla 3.x)
* Joomla 1.5.19 or later with MooTools Upgrade system plug-in enabled and PHP 5.2 or later

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Reviews: 3
After IE9 was released I noticed that my Rokslideshow did not load any more. I needed to find a replacement. I found ShowPlus as a Joomla extension for the excellent Slideshow library from Aeron Glemann.

I implemented this in 1.5.23 today. It clearly states that 1.5.19 or greater J! is needed to employ mootools 1.2.x and enable the compatibility layer these version of J! offer through a system plugin. Turning this on worked as predicted.

I added a labels.txt file for captions and URLs and all went fine. Pretty easy to set it up if you are familiar with J!. I have used it for about 5 years now.

One thing that may need attention is that, when you create a labels file it appears that if there is NOT a line for an image file it will NOT display. Perhaps this needs to be an option to select the behavior you want. This then would be a feature that may be helpful as a filter.

Looking at the code, the author is obviously an advanced, experienced programmer. The code is very complete and professionally done.

I took the time to look at his other extensions for media files. He has some for other image and audio purposes. These look of similar high quality.

Great accomplishment.
Reviews: 2
Being fairly new to Joomla, I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy this module was to use. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for such a great extension!
Reviews: 1
after install and set all , i get this message >>> [showplus] Critical error: Insufficient file system permissions to create the folder root/cache/thumbs.

what i need to do to fix and work properly, and will be very good if help abot installing and using modules an components is a litle bigger then now

best regards to all :)
Reviews: 5
Took a few minutes to install. Worked perfectly.
Easy to setup and configure.
But now I see that it is not working with IE 9.
Reviews: 2
Very useful extension
Simple and highly customisable.
Reviews: 2
It's great. Without problems in Joomla 1.6.
ShowPlus have very easy installation
Very complete and simple
Good documentation
Reviews: 2
This carousel is slick. It took 5 minutes to download and configure and was working beautifully!. I like that it is lightweight and builds on the MooTools core that ships with Joomla. This helps to reduce the scripting conflicts and potential hack issues as things upgrade. Very Cool! Thanks for creating this simple and lovely module.
Reviews: 116
I have been looking for awhile now for a good solid Module like this for yonks (months). Thank You a million times over. I will be donating to you for offering this wonderful MOD.
Reviews: 4
i was looking for similar extensions before i found this one.
and i really like this one, work perfect, simple, have documentations.
if you don't mind, i have some note for this extensions, for main image i must resize it to fix with module size (image not automatically resizing), i'm using joomla 1.5.22

note: i'm sorry if my english language not good :(
Reviews: 3
I think one of most functionally image slideshow!
I can use more than one istance without incompatibility with other JS extesion.

Only a little problem: showplus create a very big script in the head of the HTML code.

To the developer: can you replace this with a simple "link" to include the code generated?
Reviews: 1
I couldn't find any other module with 1.6 support which was like this. Just what I wanted and easy to configure. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
This extension works exactly as advertised and is fully Joomla 1.6 compatible. Furthermore, the developer did an outstanding job of addressing a support issue, making a version update available for download within hours of receiving my email. I couldn't have asked for a more impressive response.
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